Maryland is poised to become the 2nd state in America to pass legislation addressing the issue of motorcycle profiling. In 2015, anti-motorcycle profiling legislation passed the Maryland Senate unanimously but unfortunately ran out of time. This year, SB 233/HB 0785 is receiving widespread support in both the state Senate AND House. The Maryland Confederation of Clubs and ABATE initiated a collaborative grassroots legislative campaign founded on a solid pattern of evidence and relentless lobbying. In fact, the Chairs of the Senate Judicial Proceedings and the House Judiciary are both co- sponsors .
The MPP has worked very closely with the Maryland COC and ABATE and is extremely confident in the abilities and skill set of the activists with their feet on the ground. This collaborative effort, modeled after the successful unified effort in Washington State, serves as an excellent example for other states fighting an epidemic of motorcycle profiling and discrimination nationwide.
Unification of the motorcycle club and independent community was a critical element in Washington State and is proving equally as effective in Maryland. Profiling and discrimination is not just about clubs, it’s about the fundamental rights to expression and association for all motorcyclists. This unified front helps insure a controlled and responsible message that makes legislative support far more likely.
The MPP is willing to work with your state by collaborating and providing strategy and policy material specific to your state so motorcyclists can ride free from discrimination.

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