California motorcycle lawIn California, off-road motorcycling is just as popular as street riding. Recently, however, several off-road accidents have highlighted the value of safety rules and practices used by experienced California off-road riders.
For example, according to a news release by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office on April 10, 2010, a 26-year-old Sierra Madre rider was killed in an off-road motorcycle accident in California City after he lost control of his motorcycle.
Similarly, in an earlier incident on February 23, 2010, it was reported that a 14-year-old rider was killed in an off-road motorcycle accident in Ridgecrest, Caliornia. The teen rider was tragically killed after losing control and being thrown from his motorcycle.
How is off-road safety different from safety for street riding?
Off-road motorcycle safety is different from on-road safety. There are differences in the protective clothing used, differences in the types of riding surfaces and obstacles encountered, differences in the check maintenance to be performed pre-departure, and differences in the survival gear which should be carried by the California motorcyclist who operates off-road.
Navigation and survival
An obvious difference between off-road motorcycling and street riding lies in the necessity for good navigation and preparations for emergency conditions. The California off-road rider should always ride off-road with a “riding buddy”, or—at the very least—inform a family or friend of the intended destination for the ride and the expected time of arrival.
During the ride, the California motorcyclist should note the surrounding terrain in order to recognize landmarks for the return trip, and always carry a compass or GPS device. As a survival precaution, the rider should also carry adequate food, water, and warm clothing sufficient to spend a night on the trail.
In summary, off-road riding represents the most challenging form of motorcycling, and California motorcyclists who ride under these conditions will benefit from reviewing and practicing all safety rules.
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