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Ortega Road is One of the Most Deadly Roads for California Motorcyclists
State Route 74, also known as the Ortega Highway, connects Riverside County and Orange County. This beautiful twisting two lane road winds through the Cleveland National Forest and is a favorite for weekend California motorcyclists. The hairpin turns and beautiful mountain scenery is a motorcyclist’s dream come true and conjures up images only seen in magazines. Unfortunately, the Ortega Highway has a bloody past and is responsible for an unusually high number of California motorcycle accidents and fatalities. The only other road in California that has an even bloodier past is the Angeles Crest Highway, otherwise known as State Route 2.
The Ortega Highway is so deadly for motorcyclists that the California Highway Patrol recently issued a crackdown safety campaign from April through September in an effort to help save lives. The CHP patrolled the 33 mile stretch of state Route 74 to catch unsafe motorcyclists. California motorcyclists often get caught up in the beautiful scenery and begin to ride at an unsafe speed. Sadly, taking some of these turns too fast often ends in a devastating motorcycle accident. From January 2007 to December 2008 alone, there were 75 motorcycle collisions along this dangerous stretch of road, and a third were connected to speeding.
Sadly, the beginning of October was no exception and another Anaheim motorcyclist lost his life along this deadly stretch of the Ortega Highway. 39-year-old William James Kaucky was riding his 2009 Kawasaki motorcycle when he struck an embankment. He was thrown from his bike where he was accidentally run over by a Riverside rider who also crashed. The Riverside motorcyclist sustained major injuries, and Kaucky was killed. According to the coroner’s report, Kaucky was speeding at the time of the fatal California motorcycle accident.

 To Ride or Not to Ride – Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyer

There is no doubt that California is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, and it is this beauty that entices California motorcyclists to ride every weekend. Yet, wherever you choose to ride in California, it is important to ride carefully, in order to avoid catastrophic motorcycle accidents. If you do choose to ride on the Ortega Highway or along the Angeles Crest Highway, be sure to watch your speed closely. Speeding is one of the main reasons motorcyclists lose control on these roads.
In addition to maintaining a safe speed, always wear bright clothing so other motorists are aware of your presence. Unless it is absolutely necessary, never ride along these more dangerous roadways in bad weather or at night. If you do choose to ride at night or are unable to avoid doing so, never ride intoxicated and be sure your headlights and brake lights are working properly.
Lastly, while the scenery may be beautiful, it is never okay to take your eyes off the roadway. If you’d like to take in the beautiful landscape, pull your bike off the roadway at a designated overlook spot or turn into a parking lot before looking around.
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