Porsche Taylor is on the ride of her life. Literally. The founder of Black Girls Ride has taken her passion for motorcycling and made it into her career. Combining her skills as a brand manager, communications guru, social media expert and leader of women, she has carved out a niche for herself in the motorcycling community as a woman who connects the dots between all riders, especially female ones.
It’s not just about black girls: it’s about all women who choose to ride. “Everyone is invited to everything we do. Our content is for all female riders,” says Porsche. Now 41 years old, Porsche started the Black Girls Ride magazine in 2011. At the time she didn’t see an outlet for black female riders, so she decided to create one. Her vision for the publication was to create an “Essence Magazine meets Supersport Bike magazine” that would bridge her passion of riding motorcycles and branding.
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The magazine took off, and Porsche’s interests spread. She then created the “Beautiful Bikers” brand, and under that moniker she hosts nationwide events for lady riders. She started an annual conference that always takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving, to coincide with the Long Beach (CA) IMS Show. Last year Porsche picked up support from Indian and Polaris, and was able to greatly expand her programs.
Influenced by her heroine, Sarah “SeCCRet” Moreau, Porsche then decided to start doing educational events nationwide to help newer riders become comfortable with all aspects of motorcycling. Last week Black Girls Ride hosted a “Helmets 101: Choosing the Right Helmet for your Ride” event in Gardena, CA. Upcoming events include topics such as tires and summer riding gear workshop in May.

“There’s a void of biker education for new female riders and we want to offer some programming for them to be able to learn not necessarily depend on someone else. We’re noticing a new trend of young, female riders and we want them to be as educated as possible. We want to keep offering educational events so these young women learn how to be self sufficient regarding their bikes,” says Porsche.
The enterprise’s new partnership with Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® enables Porsche and Black Girls Ride to do that on an even larger scale. “I’ve been watching Russ Brown commercials in L.A. for years… To see those commercials and to know that they’re riders and know that they have that culture as a part of their staff, that’s a great factor as well,” says Porsche.

The partnership with Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® helps Black Girls Ride and Beautiful Bikers with resources to keep their events free, which in turn helps riders. “Russ Brown’s BAM program also has great resources for female riders, and we want to spread the word on that. If you have a roadside emergency and need assistance, the BAM buddy system can help with a free tow or delivery of gas or a part. And if you’re ever in an accident, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® will help with free legal advice,” says Porsche.
There are very few people who are brave enough – or crazy enough – to take a leap of faith like Porsche did and give up a lucrative job to reinvent themselves in order to follow their passion. This is exactly what makes her story so remarkable. Porsche was a branding expert at Adidas, where prestige, fat paychecks and rubbing elbows with celebrities were part of her everyday life. She gave all that up to pursue her dream, not knowing if it would ultimately be a success or not. Luckily, her instincts were right on and she quickly attracted a large following.
“My goal, when I started Black Girls Ride, was always to turn life into a paid vacation. I think I’m on the right track! I’m just lucky to have been around some pretty dynamic women who have opened the doors for me to be a part of the industry,” says Porsche. Founding the magazine “is one of the best things I’ve ever done,” she says.
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This year Black Girls Ride / Beautiful Bikers has events scheduled nearly every month. Local L.A. events include an all-female ride to Hollister May 6-7, and the Beautiful Bikers Conference in Long Beach November 17-19. Nationwide events include the Running the L.A.W. Ladies Annual Weekend June 2-4, in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the NC All-Female Ride July 28-30 in Durham, North Carolina.

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“It’s surreal to get to a point where you can live, breath, eat, sleep motorcycles. There’s a small population that’s able to do it and I’m so lucky and blessed to be among them. It’s something I’ve been working on since I started,” says Porsche. “I have such a strong passion for riding, and now seeing the world through riding. It just puts you in the space of total fulfillment. This is what true wealth must feel like.”

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