Penny Osiecki is the Events Director for the infamous Hogs & Heifers in Las Vegas, NV. Her story with owner Michelle starts in 2012 and 2013, but then she was eventually brought on to the diverse and naughty-do-gooders Hogs & Heifers team in 2016 to help run events. These inclusive events that range from the Mint 400 parties to Punk Rock bowling have done loads of good for their community. 


Since opening their doors in 2005, they have generated $500,000 in charity donations for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. Penny’s efforts contributed to those efforts since joining them full time beginning in 2017. They put on 9-10 big events every year and contribute back to their community beyond just motorcycles. If you find yourself riding through Las Vegas, you’ll want to stop by and say hi to Penny and the crew, or maybe plan to attend one of their fun events throughout the year. Good luck getting out though, once you come into Hogs & Heifers, you’re family. 


What was your first industry job?

Publisher’s Assistant for Motorcyclist, Sport Rider, Dirt Rider, and Motorcycle Cruiser Magazines. This was in 1994. Also worked as an Advertising Manager, Contributing Editor, Photographer, Motorcycle Test Rider with Hot Rod Bikes, American Iron, Cycle Source, and Barnett’s Magazine. 



Penny for Barnett’s Magazine


How did you end up in Vegas?

Was living in Hollywood with my musician husband and moved to Vegas to be near his family. 


How would you describe your motorcycle roots?

Diehard within the motorcycle industry. Always wanted to ride but had the opportunity presented to me by Art Friedman, who was the editor of Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine. He sent me to the safety course in ‘95 and has been riding ever since. 



Penny for Hot Rod Bikes Magazine



What is your earliest memory of Hogs & Heifers? 

2005 when they opened the bar in Vegas. I had heard of the NY location but didn’t get to really know what they were all about until 2005. 


How would you describe the culture at H&H? 

Honky Tonk bikers and naughty-do-gooders. Very diverse because we do a SEMA event, Mint 400 Event, 9/11 Patriot day event, St. Patty’s Day, and Punk Rock Hoedown. We don’t limit ourselves – kind of a melting pot.  We’re a huge tourist destination – folks literally come from all over the world. 


Do you ride? What was your first bike and what do you ride now? 

Since 1995. ’91 FXR was my first bike. Now I ride a ’94 FXR and a ’2001 Electra Glide. Rode until I was 8 months pregnant and now my son is 20 and rides a Honda GFR 300 Dual Sport.


Test Riding a Viper


Besides Hogs & Heifers, what else should moto enthusiasts check out when visiting Vegas?

Mountain Springs Saloon, Pioneer Saloon, and Red Rock area. Beautiful desert riding out here. 


Who have you recently been inspired by?

Marilyn Stemp. Iron Trader News and the Buffalo Chip. She has been in this industry for so many years and has never wavered with her reputation. She is an amazing lady that lives, breathes, and eats this industry. Brandi Moya – she rides like I used to so she has encouraged me to get back on 2 wheels more often. She’s done amazing things in this industry in a short amount of time. 


Outside of motorcycles, what is something people may not know about you?

I love cooking, photography, and refurbishing anything for my house – furniture, outdoor decorations…etc. I have a creative side that I don’t get to utilize enough.


Where are you planning your next trip to?

 I work too much to plan any long riding trips but most likely Sturgis. I will be celebrating my 24th year. I missed one, the year my son was born, and I’ve been renting the same house as when I worked on Hot Rod Bikes Magazine, since 1998. 


Biker Belles 2020



Have you ever been in a motorcycle accident?  If yes, tell us about it?  What did you learn from the accident? 

Yes – The day I found out I was pregnant I was riding home, lane splitting, and a car made a left-hand turn right into me. Went down but jumped off the bike and landed on my feet. The driver behind me saw the whole thing and was shocked that I landed on my feet. 


That day, I just had other things on my mind. The lesson is, do not get on your motorcycle unless your head is in the game. It’s not worth it. 



Parked at Hogs & Heifers



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Author: Maggie Hicks @themaggiehicks 

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