Owner /designer Rob Alcalay after a ride to Leesburg Bike Fest who thought, “It’s not that sunny or not that hot, I should be ok.” Wrong!

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Staying covered with UV/ Sun Protective Clothing Winter and Summer Riding.

While winter weather puts a dampener on motorcyclists in colder climates, our friends in Florida and most of California enjoy riding year round and then when summer hits we all have to deal with protecting ourselves from the sun.
Rob Alcalay, owner of www.riding2hot4u.com noticed while living and riding in the sunshine state of Florida the concern and consequences of sun exposure effecting motorcyclists. Rob was born in a family of garment makers, loves the outdoors and riding his 2007 Road King offering a perfect combination for him to develop sun-protective clothing geared toward motorcyclists.
Rob tells me, “Leather jackets are a “big no” during the 8 hot months of the year. Sunscreen, dust and sweat are a greasy combination. So to deliver proven protection with comfort I went on to develop sun-protective clothing that blocks ultraviolet rays.” He explained, “sunlight sustains life on our planet, warms our days and helps our bodies produce vitamin D, however it does present several risks. With the decrease in the earth’s natural protective ozone layer more UV rays reach the earth and our bodies. These invisible UVB rays cause sunburn, skin dryness, peeling, pigmentation spots, premature aging, and some types of skin cancer. UVA rays are related to premature aging, some types of skin cancers and eye damage (macular degeneration and cataracts)”.
When you go out on your motorcycle you should be wearing protective clothing to decrease UV exposure.
If sunlight travels through your regular clothing, per example, a white cotton T-shirt has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of around 5; a black heavy weight T-shirt, maybe 20. We developed a sun-protective fabric that meets the industry standard of UPF 50 and is very light, stretchy and made with Peruvian cotton and American high tech polyester yarn that holds the technology to block UV rays, absorbs sweat and dries quickly and still has odor control. Since these properties are inherited in the yarn, they don’t “wash out” during your regular home washes.
They way we measure and test out clothing to be sure its protective from the UV rays is thru the system developed thru the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. It’s called AATCC Test Method 183-2004 and used by all outdoor clothing brands.
Our product has performance cotton which works best under hot weather with high UV rays. We wanted to provide comfort at times when people were hot and sweaty so the weather might be “too hot for you”, but not for me which is how when came up with our company name.”
Remember even in the winter season the effects of UV rays are harmful. Keep yourself protected and keep yourself enjoying the open road for many years to come. For more information check out: www.riding2hot4u.com.

Owner Rob Alcalay testing prototype product in the heat of summer before starting production.

Ride safe, ride well, ride often.
Brenda Fox
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