Motorcycle Injury Attorney; We all can relate to the freedom of riding. I often hear something Rachel mentions, “that riding brings a renewed excitement into her life.” Read on as she shares more of her story…
Name: Rachel Talmo
Location: Townsend, Delaware
Occupation: Site Manager
Currently rides: 2010 HD Deluxe
When did you start riding a motorcycle? 1977, rode dirt bikes with my 4 brothers (only girl).
What got you involved in motorcycles and how did you start?
My husband and I married in 1991, he couldn’t ride anymore due to back injury during 18 yrs marriage, March 2010 he had disc replacement surgery and two weeks later he was fishing in a tournament, 3 months later (June) we went to the local Harley Davidson dealer and bought a 2010 Fatboy. I rode twice as a passenger and decided it wasn’t for me!! Bought a used Honda 250 and two weeks later got my MC endorsement. November 2010(Election Day) took his Fatboy for a ride; well let me tell you, that threw me over the edge!! WOW what power between my legs! I went home put my Honda up for sale, sold it in two days, bought my pipes first (I know, odd) than went and purchased my first Harley Davidson and never looked back!!
How has riding motorcycles impacted your life?
It’s dug up that renewed excitement in my life, I’ve joined a local women’s chapter in Delaware, “1st State Lady Diamonds” and love every minute I spend with them learning and sharing techniques.
What has been your biggest challenge with riding a motorcycle? Sharp turns to the left!
What do you like most about your model motorcycle? Center of gravity and it fits me perfect!
What modifications have you made to your motorcycle? Solo reach seat, highway pegs, true dual exhaust (fishtails).
When you’re not riding motorcycles what are you other interest? Quilting is a passion, Yoga, hiking anything outdoors.
What advice do you have for other women riders? Never think you can’t ride your own bike, you’ll never know unless you try….
How tall are you? 5’5
What is your weather like year round? Lately spring, summer and fall, we don’t get the real cold winters anymore, heck I rode Jan.1, 2012 it was 60 degrees!!
How is riding therapy for you? Calming, smelling everything, I have quite a palette for taste and smells; it’s the freedom I feel with the sounds of outdoors and the wind in my face!
I love Rachel’s excitement of riding, her love of the perfect bike and having great group of gals to ride and share the road with. The world would be a better place if more people could share that happiness.
Ride ON!
Brenda Fox

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