Safety In Numbers On Long Distance Motorcycle Runs
With Daytona Bike Week about to kick off there are going to be a large amount of group rides coming into Daytona, Florida from all over the US. While riding in groups increases the motorcyclists visibility to cars and trucks on the road and is a lot of fun it can also add additional obstacles to the inexperienced group rider.
On my way to the Sturgis rally I rode with one of my bros starting in the Los Angeles, California area. We left late at night to avoid the LA traffic, which can still be an issue at midnight, and made our way through Nevada and Utah, picking up additional riders along the way.
Every time we stopped for food and fuel I would ask fellow bikers if they felt safer riding in groups and overwhelmingly they all answered yes. That comes as no surprise considering a car is unlikely to miss a large group of motorcycles.
But riding in groups also faces its own challenges and if you are new to riding you should be hesitant to ride in a group or ride towards the front. Hair trigger responses in a large group can lead to the motorcycles colliding with one another.
Ride with caution, stay in formation, never pass the leader, stay a couple seconds behind the rider in front of you etc etc.
Leave additional space when going around tight corners. Most will need a little extra space. We don’t want anyone riding off into the ditch.
Don’t goof off! You may think it’s cool to pull stunts etc but not in a group setting.
Daytona Bike Week is one of my favorite rallies and brings out many motorcyclists from New York, New Jersey, Canada, North and South Carolina and Georgia. It is spring break for bikers and a good time for all.
Ride Safe!
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