Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® has been practicing motorcycle injury law for over 40 years. In those 40 plus years, we have dealt with every kind of motorcycle accident imaginable.
There is obviously an inherent risk involved in riding, and some accidents are unavoidable despite the skills and experience of the individual rider.
Besides being as vigilant as possible and following the laws, there is not much else a rider can do to protect themselves while on the road. Motorcycle horns are designed to give riders a way of being seen and heard before it is too late. Their goal is to make a horn that was so loud and powerful that a motorcyclist could make their presence immediately known to any vehicles in the surrounding area.
New products potentially decrease the chances of an accident and bring some piece of mind while on the road. “Banshee” horns are incredibly loud, leaving no question that if used at the right time, get the immediate attention of a distracted driver.
Since they first came out motorcycle horns have been improved in many ways.
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® enjoys seeing products that are created with the sole purpose of preserving life and preventing motorcycle accidents. As riders and lawyers, we understand that motorcycles are at a major disadvantage on the roads. Depending on your routes and needs, a  horn could be a great asset while riding through crowded metropolitan areas.
One model that we have tried, is the Shockwave Screaming Banshee Horns, but there are many excellent products on the market.

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