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Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: As a motorcyclist, don’t you wish you knew where the “bad drivers” were going to be? Well, now you can! A report from recently compiled data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the American Motorists Association, and MADD to reveal which states had the worst drivers. Surprisingly, the worst place to be a motorcyclist may be in the South!

States that had the best safety records were northern states, and Massachusetts led the way with the single lowest fatality rate of any state. Sadly, the further south you go, the worse it gets. Nine of the ten worst states were in the southern half of the country. Here is the list of the worst 10 driving states:

  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Oklahoma
  • Arizona
  • Kentucky
  • Montana
  • Alabama
  • South Carolina

These states ranked poorly in fatalities, ticketing, drunk drivers, carelessness, and failure to obey. If you are a motorcyclist who lives or drives in those states, this puts you at an increased risk for sustaining serious injuries in a motorcycle accident. Drunk drivers, careless drivers, and reckless drivers put everyone on the road at risk, but especially motorcyclists.

Southern Motorcyclists Ride Cautiously

If you are a motorcyclist in the South, it is important to ride cautiously at all times. Even if helmets are not required by law, all motorcyclists are encouraged to wear them. The simple act of wearing a motorcycle helmet can decrease the risk of sustaining serious spinal cord injuries and life-threatening brain injuries. It is also important to wear bright and reflective clothing to increase your risk of being noticed in traffic.

In addition to wearing the appropriate safety gear, all motorcyclists should ride defensively. Be on the lookout for other drivers who may not be driving responsibly and avoid them. Drivers who are driving drunk or who are driving recklessly can and should be reported to the authorities.

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