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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: With more bikers taking to the open road during the warm summer months, there comes an increase in motorcycle accidents. National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration statistics indicate that fatal motor vehicle accidents spike during the summer months, due to multiple factors, including an increase in travel and incidences of DUI over summer holiday weekends. Historically, DUI crashes peak between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. For example, in Colorado, 40% of the fatal DUI-related crashes last year occurred during the summer months.
Summer Hazards for Motorcyclists
Motorcyclists face road hazards any time of the year, but these hazards often peak during the summer. Reasons road hazards increase during the summer for motorcyclists include:

  • Summer is peak vacation season, leading to increased traffic on highways and interstates
  • Construction detours and road closures are more common during the summer months
  • Wildlife tends to be more active during the summer, increasing the risk of a motorcyclist hitting an animal
  • Increased number of teens driving during summer break and more teens driving at night
  • Drivers tend to be less attentive when the weather is warm and sunny
  • Increased incidence of DUI during the summer, particularly over summer holidays

Summer Safety Tips for Motorcyclists
While you cannot avoid all road hazards during the summer, there are steps motorcyclists can take to keep safe. Here are some summer safety tips for motorcyclists:

  • Wear a DOT approved helmet, eye protection, and other safety gear
  • Take a motorcycle skills refresher course, even if you are an experienced biker
  • Get a safety inspection for your bike to make sure it’s in good running order
  • Apply reflective decals or tape to your bike and wear reflective gear to improve your visibility at night
  • Watch the weather – a summer storm can hit suddenly and make driving treacherous for motorcyclists
  • Do not drink and ride

Above all, remaining attentive while riding your bike is the key to avoiding a motorcycle accident and arriving safely to your destination. You should always be aware of your surroundings and scan the road for possible road hazards.
While these summer safety guidelines will increase your chances of injury-free motorcycle riding during the summer, even experienced riders can suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, other drivers are often responsible for motorcycle accidents. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a specialized motorcycle accident attorney immediately. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can protect your legal rights after an accident and help you obtain compensation for your injuries. To learn more about how a motorcycle attorney can help, call 1-800-4-BIKERS today.

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