The Anatomy of a Motorcycle AccidentSadly enough the anatomy of a motorcycle accident begins the moment you get on your bike; you always ride prepared, always looking for the car that doesn’t see you, you always were a helmet and other safety gear, but before you know it you have been hit by an automobile and you are going down. After waking up in a hospital bed in the emergency room you realize you were lucky, you only have a broken leg and some serious road rash; your whole body hurts really bad and your best friend tells you that your new custom Harley was totaled after it was ran over by another motorist after you went down.

While this seems like a totally recoverable situation, and all you will have to do is file some paperwork with your insurance agent and wait for the at fault parties insurance company to cut you a check right? Wrong!

There so many variables in this situation that any one of a hundred things could happen to either delay getting a check from the insurance company, or force you to actually go to court to fight for a fair settlement, and when you add in the fact that you will be unable to go to work and have bills to pay and need money to live, on all of this turn a bad situation worse just as fast as your motorcycle accident happened!

You only put the best parts and accessories on your Harley, and you have your motorcycle serviced by a top certified motorcycle repair technician, so why would you even consider handling a complicated legal matter like a motorcycle accident that involved serious injury on your own?

Hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is the wisest thing you can do whenever you are involved in a motorcycle accident, because the moment you are hit whether you are seriously injured or not, you are exposed to many risks in addition to your injuries and damage to your motorcycle and having a personal injury lawyer who knows the integral dynamics of motorcycle accidents and their resulting injuries will put the legal knowledge and his experience to work in presenting your case in the best possible light forcing insurance adjusters to settle in your favor.

Getting your medical bills taken care of and your motorcycle repaired is only part of the reason you need a motorcycle accident lawyer fighting your accident claim, what about lost wages because you were unable to work, or getting compensation for all of your pain and suffering?

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