Have you ever heard the saying “you can do anything that you put your mind to”? Well, it’s true, even for disabled and injured people who love to ride motorcycles. Sue Strand, owner of Disabled Bikers, markets products for those who have difficulty riding due to traumatic injuries, amputations, and pre-existing disabilities.

It all started in the late 90s when Strand’s brother, Rick Strand, experienced a traumatic event in his lifetime. His wife at the time was involved in a motorcycle accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. During this time, it gave Strand’s brother an amazing idea to find a way to help others who have trouble riding on two wheels. He mainly focused on the disabled, injured, vets… anyone who has complications riding for whatever reason. Then when Strand’s brother, unfortunately, passed away in 2012, Sue Strand took over.

Rick Strand

Sue Strand has been keeping the company alive on her own for over 8 years now. She really wants to continue sharing the story of her brother and the history of the company as it is an important one. Many do not know that they may still be able to ride again even with their injuries or disabilities. Customized biker parts do exist. As well as innovation – new ideas are always developing. But it can be tough to find a practical source for this information.

Some of these products are perfect for riders that need adaptions to their motorcycles. For example, thumb shifters and throttles can eliminate the twisting motion in a rider’s hand and can be put on either the right or left-hand side. Customized foot controls and foot securing devices are also available to help keep feet in place while riding. The foot control with gas and brake pedals can be used by anyone having difficulty using the hand controls. If you’re a wheelchair or scooter user, then the wheelchair carriers and covers allow you to bring your wheelchair or scooter with you on your ride. Many more custom products like this do exist with Disabled Bikers.

Disabled Bikers offers discounts to veterans, the officially disabled, and authorized reps or dealerships. Worldwide shipping is also available so that people who live all over the world may be able to ride again. If you or anyone you may know can benefit from these products, please feel free to share. Everyone deserves to do what they love. The road doesn’t end here. For more information, please visit www.disabled-bikers.com/ or email disabledbikersparts@gmail.com.

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