The True Cost of a Motorcycle AccidentIn 2004 the NHTSA reported that each day 16,934 accidents were reported to the police each day, of that number it is estimated that close to 15% involved motorcycles which means that 2,388 motorcyclists are injured each and every day on U.S. highways. When we consider what happens when an automobile strikes a motorcycle, I am sure you can imagine the outcome. Most motorcycle accidents that involve cars and trucks usually result in serious injury and oftentimes death to the motorcyclist and their passengers.
With police and highway safety officials making driver safety a top priority, accidents still happen and when they involve a motorcycle rider they are almost always tragic; this is why it is so vitally important for motorcyclists to take a constant proactive stance whenever they ride, because the true cost of most motorcycle accidents is debilitating injuries or death!
Beyond the financial cost of medical attention, surgeries, physical therapy, and rehabilitation required for a motorcycle accident victim to again walk or feed himself, there is the cost of life and the irreparable damage it inflicts on the family and loved ones of the motorcycle accident victim. How does a large insurance claim pay out heal the pain and suffering of these victims?
With the current state of the economy, more and more people are purchasing motorcycles and strapping on helmets as a way to save money on rising gasoline costs and an attempt to beat the high rate of traffic in larger urban areas.
Many of these new additions to the world of 2-wheeled transportation are at greater risk of injury and death because they do not possess the experience and skill that riding a motorcycle demands. While some will take motorcycle safety courses, most will not when doing so would not only help them with safety techniques and instruction on dealing with certain riding situation in addition to getting them a discount on their insurance.
While there are so many other issues that surround this tender topic, the only possible remedy is a greater urging of motorcycle riding safety, and an outreach to motorists to be extra vigilant and look for motorcyclists whenever you are on the streets or highways, because the true cost of most motorcycle accidents is far more expensive than a insurance claim pay out, or damage to property, and you may not ever truly understand the real cost until it happens to you or a loved one.
Think about it!
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