What To Do After Being Involved In A Motorcycle Accident
BAM! Your in a motorcycle crash.  Now what?  First call 911, evaluate the scene and if people are injured make sure the operator knows so EMS can be dispatched.
If you have been injured, stay calm and assess how badly.  If you are badly injured don’t move and wait for paramedics to arrive.  If you are not severely injured then get up assess what happened in the accident.
Calm down anyone who has been injured.
After everyone at the scene is somewhat calm, start getting contact information.  Don’t forget witness contact info.
Here’s what you need from the other driver…
Name, address, and phone number
Driver’s license and license plate number
Insurance company name and phone number
Take photos and video of the scene.  Find out if any witnesses have the same.
Talk to the police officer on scene for a police report number and any other info he can give you.
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