Always These 5 Rules in Mind After a Motorcycle Crash!

Do you know what to do after a motorcycle crash? What about what not to do after a motorcycle crash? Avoiding these five mistakes could be the difference between you saving or spending thousands of dollars.

1) Admit Fault at the Scene

One of the biggest mistakes panicked motorcycle drivers make moments after a crash is apologize. Or furthermore, take a bit of the blame when a driver begins to apologize profusely. It is human to have an emotional reaction, especially in the seconds after an adrenaline rush caused by an event as hectic as a motorcycle crash. However, if you are ever involved in a motorcycle crash, you should never admit fault at the scene of the accident.

What You Should Do:

Try your best to avoid speaking to anyone involved in the crash until the police arrive. Do not exchange details of the crash to anyone except the police. Any information you disclose, even if it is incorrect and said in the heat of the moment, can be used against you in court. This mistake could cost you thousands in legal fines and even cause you to lose the case!

2) Become Confrontational

Even if you are not at fault, becoming confrontational is one of the worst things you can do at the scene of an accident. Emotional reactions stick with the first responders on scene, and the wrong reaction can come back to bite you in court. It’s better to hold your tongue and remain by your bike until you can safely and calmly speak to the police.

What You Should Do:

Remain as calm as you can the entire time. Stay by your bike, do not interact with the other party involved, no matter what emotion you are feeling, especially if that emotion is negative. Remember that even though the accident was not your fault, getting upset or saying the wrong thing in a fit of rage could cost you your case.

3) Assume You Are Injury Free

Another huge mistake often made by victims of motorcycle crashes is assuming they are injury-free. Did you know hairlines fractures may feel like a strain or bruise when symptoms first present themselves? However, unlike a strain or bruise, these injuries will not heal, and in fact, will get worse. By the time you realize you have a significant injury, it may be too late. You’ll be paying out of pocket.

What You Should Do:

Go to the doctor and get an exam. Even if you feel fine, your doctor may be able to identify injuries you were not aware of. Plus, you’ll have it all document for any legal needs that may arise following your accident. Trust us on this one!

4) Call Your Insurance Company Too Soon

Even though your insurance company is there to help, calling them too soon is a huge mistake. If you give away too much information, the wrong details, or incorrect details, it can hurt you in the long run. As sad as it is, there are often huge insurance hurdles that come with motorcycle accidents. It would help if you were prepared for the obstacles you may face before contacting your provider.

What You Should Do:

Get a lawyer before you contact your insurance company. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you navigate which information to divulge to your insurance company, ensuring you get the most coverage possible following an accident.

5) Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Too Late

Waiting too long to contact a lawyer can be a costly mistake. Time is ticking, and the longer time passes, the less likely you are to win a case. Some bikers involved in a motorcycle crash contact their insurance before a lawyer, which is a huge mistake. You should always contact a lawyer first!

What You Should Do:

Contact a lawyer immediately following your motorcycle accident. It is never too early to seek legal advice. In fact, the sooner you contact the help of a professional motorcycle accident attorney, the better your chances are of collecting what is rightfully yours.

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