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Being hit while on your motorcycle is a truly awful experience and while you may have to endure some pain while being taken to the hospital for medical treatment, you should never have to suffer financially because of the negligence of another driver.
Your health is the most important concern, and even of you don’t think you have been seriously injured you should still seek medical attention to make sure you haven’t received a concussion or some other internal injury that could pose serious problems if not detected and treated at once.
Once you have been treated for your injuries, you should seek legal representation with an experience motorcycle accident lawyer to begin filing an insurance injury claim as soon as possible. As part of your insurance claim, your motorcycle accident lawyer will secure damages for your medical bills, and any future medical needs you may have, money to get your motorcycle professionally repaired, money for lost wages while you are unable to work and a cash settlement for your pain and suffering.
With a detailed report of the accident, your sustained injuries with a report from your doctor on your prognosis, and your financial loses your motorcycle accident lawyer will file your insurance claim with the at fault driver’s insurance company.
Sometimes as a method to negotiate a lower cash settlement, insurance claims adjusters may deny all or a portion of your claim. This is a commonly used tactic and once your lawyer has presented the facts of your motorcycle accident that clearly show that their insured was at fault, this will reinforce your motorcycle accident lawyers legal position and make further claim denials harder for the insurance company to substantiate, and when faced with the possibility of your lawyer requesting the case be heard in court the insurance company will not gamble on losing their case with so much evidence against their insured driver.
Many motorcycle accident claims require detailed investigation or in some cases reconstruction of the accident itself by a professional motorcycle accident investigation team. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will have his own investigations experts undertake the investigation and analysis of the accident to ensure all of the facts of the accident are recorded and become part of your case. Having detailed evidence that support your lawyers legal position while negotiating your claim will always put the law on your site when settling your case.
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