White Helmets safer?

Around the world, 30,000 motorists are seriously injured every day and another 3000 people are killed. By 2020, it is estimated that traffic accidents will be the third leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Motorcyclists make up a disproportionate number of those fatalities and it is only expected to worsen with time. Even though motorcycle safety campaigns do raise awareness, low motorcycle conspicuity is one of the main causes of fatal motorcycle crashes across the United States.
According to the British Medical Journal, there is something motorcyclists can do to increase their visibility on roadways and improve their chances of avoiding a fatal accident—wear a white helmet. A recent motorcycle study concluded that when motorcyclists wear white helmets or clothing or use daytime headlights, they were much more likely to be seen by other motorists. This is good news for motorcyclists around the country; something as simple as wearing white could save your life!
This Christmas season, it may be time to evaluate your cycling needs! If you don’t already own bright, reflective clothing or if you own a dark helmet, it may be time to update your Christmas wish list. Insist on protecting yourself in 2012 and invest in some new gear. White helmets can help other motorists recognize you in traffic and at night, and according to the study, riders who wore white helmets had a 24% lower risk of being involved in an accident.
If you can’t get some new gear this holiday season, consider turning on your headlights during the day and make sure your light bulb is bright and easy to see. Of the 954 randomly surveyed control drivers, voluntary use of daytime headlights was associated with a 27% lower risk of crash-related injury.
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