Motorcycle Accident Attorney; A recent study shows that motorcycles that are equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS) are actually safer for motorcyclists—especially those inexperienced riders. New motorcyclists who are riding bikes equipped with ABS may be 30% less likely to file an accident claim in the first 90 days of riding and 19% less after that.

Anti-lock Brakes on Motorcycles Continues to Spark Debate

It seems that anti-lock brakes may help compensate for new rider errors and prevent the wheels from locking. ABS brakes prevent wheels from locking by reducing the pressure when the system is about to stop rotating. This all happens within a fraction of a second, but it can ultimately prevent a catastrophic motorcycle accident from occurring. Yet in spite of the good news, many riders are leery of ABS systems—and for good reason.
Many bikers believe that anti-lock brake systems actually prevent a new rider from learning to handle their bike in different road situations. In addition, many believe that these systems are not fail-safe and one day when they do malfunction, that rider will not have developed the skills they need to compensate. These concerns are most certainly valid and have many riders shying away from motorcycles with ABS.
Yet motorcyclists may not have the option to avoid ABS for much longer. Many motorcycle manufacturers have begun to release their new models with ABS. BMW Motorrad will now sell all of its 2013 motorcycles with ABS as a standard feature and the new Husgvarna models will come complete with ABS. Hundreds of other models of your favorite bikes now come equipped with ABS and the NHTSA is still striving to make ABS mandatory for all motorcycles.

Should ABS be mandatory for all motorcycles?

At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, we know that these issues are important to you and to your enjoyment of riding. That’s why we are interested in what you have to say! Do you think anti-lock brake systems are beneficial to riders or do they pose more of a risk? Voice your opinion!
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