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Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® is a collective of hundreds of cooperating lawyers across the United States. These independent referral attorneys and law firms were personally selected by Russ, Chuck & Jim for their skill level, personal integrity, superior case results and dedication to protecting the rights of injured motorcyclists. You cannot buy the right to be on the Russ Brown Team. It is earned by years of success, a high-performing track record and totally merit-based.

How Did
Our Network

Friends & Family

Founder Russ Brown would frequently get calls from friends, fellow riders, former clients–and their friends and family members–in other states asking “What should I do? Who should I talk to?” These were people Russ cared about deeply who placed their trust in him and he took enormous care to find the very best locally licensed attorney as a personal referral. Often his own vast experience proved a valuable asset to assist local counsel. Over time, this grew to become what it is today: a highly skilled team of independent, motorcycle-friendly lawyers extending to virtually every state in the country. We are the Real Deal and very proud of what we accomplish for the motorcycle community every day.

How It Works

Unlike a pay-to-join network, our mission is to help ensure you receive high caliber legal assistance. Your needs come first, not profit, because we are members of the same community we serve.

Our care is proactive and based on extensive knowledge in the field of motorcycle personal injury law. This is our specialty. The independent attorneys in our network are local, capable seasoned professionals with integrity who are uniquely qualified to help.
Further, the Russ Brown Team brings added knowledge and resources to your case.

The legal advice you receive will be from your local lawyer. Your initial consultation will always be FREE; thereafter, fees are contingent, not hourly based. If we cannot help you, you owe nothing. Further, the understanding and relationship with our participating attorney ensures you will get the personal attention, respect and care you deserve.

Every case is unique so it is always best to personally discuss your circumstances directly with your local Russ Brown Motorcycle Affiliated Attorney. Don’t rely on well-meaning friends or the opinions of lawyers who may not be well-versed in the field. We often take calls and cases from injured riders who have been incorrectly told they “have no case.”

Don’t trust your situation to just any personal injury attorney.
If you go down, “Call Russ Brown” at 1-800-4BIKERS.

Your consultation with your local attorney is always free. Our additional support and ongoing contingency referral relationship with our handpicked lawyers does not affect your fees if they take on your case.

We Ride – We Care – We Win!