Bay Area road conditions.

Coping with Adverse Road Conditions in the Bay Area: Motorcycle Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney

San Jose motorcycle riders must keep a careful eye on road conditions that often change dramatically from one mile to the next. There are a number of different hazards to consider in the Bay Area, but most can be placed within one of two broad categories of road condition hazards:

Natural Hazards

Wet or rainy conditions: Braking is the primary concern, particularly while cornering. Use both front and rear brakes carefully and smoothly. Avoid abrupt stops and starts.

Severe winds: Steer into the wind as much as you can. Grip on bars and pegs should be firm, keep arms and shoulders loose.

Darkness: Never outrun your headlights. Always maintain a speed that gives you time to react to and avoid other road hazards.

Man-made Hazards

Gravel hazard: Gravel is the most common hazard that San Jose riders must deal with. Slow down to a safe speed and exercise caution when using your brakes on straightaways. Keep your head up and stay focused, so you can pick the best line. Use front and rear brakes gently. Finally, while cornering on gravel (or sand), avoid using your brakes.

Potholes or debris: It is always best to steer around a pothole if possible. If not, stand up and pull back to reduce weight on the front of your bike, and try to hit the hazard squarely. Stop to check your motorcycle for damage as soon as possible.

Patched surface: Pick a line that follows the smoothest sections, as long as you don’t have to wander too much. Be careful and avoid seams between old asphalt and new.

Painted markings: Stay upright on painted surfaces and use brakes gently. Exercise extreme caution when painted surfaces are wet, as they will be more slippery than usual.

Railroad tracks, metal grates: Approach at a 90-degree angle to the tracks or grate, and always at a normal speed. Always slow down because metal surfaces can be extremely slick even in dry conditions.

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