motorcycle lawyers texasAccording to WFAA TV in Dallas/Fort Worth, police officials are searching for a truck driver who was responsible for a fatal motorcycling accident on February 9th, 2011. The Texas motorcyclist was killed in an accident involving an eighteen-wheeler in Arlington on Interstate 20 near Matlock Road.
Authorities said the biker, a 38-year-old Arlington resident, suffered fatal injuries when he was thrown from his motorcycle after being sideswiped by a big rig that was changing lanes. The motorcyclist may have unfortunately been riding in the truck driver’s blind spot, and as a result, the truck driver failed to notice the motorcyclist when he changed lanes. Texas police are looking for the unidentified driver of the truck.
While motorcycles offer speed and agility, they are unfortunately handicapped by their low profile. This is especially true when they are ridden alongside larger vehicles with poor visibility and huge blind spots, such as commercial trucks. In numerous accidents just like this one, truck drivers often fail to see motorcyclists riding alongside their trucks. In these situations, even a simple lane change can be deadly.
Because they are so large and have solid walls that block vision, trucks have especially troublesome blind spots surrounding them. Although truck drivers have a variety of mirrors and special safety equipment available to them, many drivers do not to check their side-view and rear-view mirrors before changing lanes, and they sometimes fail to share the road with motorcyclists nearby. Texas motorcycle lawyers often warn bikers to be especially cautious when “splitting lanes,” passing, or otherwise riding around big rigs.
While the consequences of any motorcycle accident can be serious, if you are involved in a Texas motorcycle accident with big rigs, the results can be disastrous. In such cases, the services of a professional Texas motorcycle lawyer can be especially helpful to document the exact circumstances of the accident, and hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligence. A Texas motorcycle attorney can pinpoint the reasons for a crash, and work to win relief for motorcycle accident victims in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and throughout the State of Texas.
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