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Let’s Ride!

Let’s RIDE!
I’m so thrilled to have the support of Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® and this platform to spotlight women riders and to promote my Ride Therapy Campaign!
I’ll be blogging here weekly telling stories of amazing women riders (and men of course), addressing questions, sharing tips and things we love about motorcycles. Whether you ride your own, ride on the back, or are just entering the motorcycle world, we’ll have a lot to talk about! We welcome men and women both here. It’s wonderful to hear the men proudly mention the ladies in their lives or circle of friends that are out there riding or mention how they like seeing more and more women out on the road.
These days we have such a diversity of motorcycles to choose from. We have a broad spectrum of motorcycle likes and dislikes, choices of riding styles and options unfolding all the time. We have the seasoned riders to those who are just peaking an interest in getting out on two wheels.
The sport has such a range, but all encompassed under the common bond of motorcycles and freedom of the open road.
Please post a comment here on what topics you’d like to discuss and let’s roll!
Ride ON!
Brenda Fox

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