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With an 1170 cc engine, BMW frame, 8000 RPM Redline and going 0-60 in 7.6 seconds, the Conquest is a pretty darn good piece of machinery. Attributes like those impress just about anyone who knows anything about motorcycles. But this is no ordinary motorcycle. What really separates it from the rest of the pack is that it is specifically designed for handicapped riders.
The quality of this machine is impeccable but how it works is a true example of ingenuity. Conquest is a very well-crafted motorcycle. Like all other handicapped vehicles on the market, it sports a lift ramp that allows the rider to gain access to the controls. This rearward ramp allows the driver and the wheelchair access to the bike. Once inside, the rider and their chair are locked in with a mechanism that keeps them secure within the cab. This safety restraint system can be easily released with the push of a button. The Conquest doesn’t make you ride alone either, it boasts extra space for the rider to bring along a passenger and has the suspension necessary to ensure you and your passenger enjoy a comfortable ride. This machine even makes it easy to back up. The Conquest has solved that problem by creating a device that they call Kliktronic, which allows the rider to shift gears in the bike with the push of a button.
Starting at 50,000 dollars, the Conquest is on par with other handicapped accessible vehicles like vans et al. But the best thing about the motorcycle is that it allows the rider to feel the open road, even if they thought the dream was unattainable. The bike has already made the trek to Sturgis, South Dakota for the famous annual motorcycle rally where, in 2011, several wheelchair riders were in the hunt to win one of the bikes for the “Name Your Hero” contest. The winner of the contest, Marine Staff Sergeant Jack Pierce was astonished when his name was announced as winner of the slick machine noting; “I just, I had no clue. It was just such a surprise to hear my name called and an unbelievable experience.”  Jack was injured in Afghanistan by an IED and lost the use of his legs.
Mobility Works has secured the exclusive rights to manufacture this bike in the USA from the parent company Martin Conquest based in the UK. This will give the Akron Ohio area an economic boost at the same time as the machine will be manufactured at the facility there. The new company known as Mobility Conquest will be led by Mark Allen Roberts who had this to say: “We look forward to helping physically challenged members of our community reconnect with their passion for riding motorcycles.” Roberts adds that 4% of the population rides motorcycles and that Mobility Conquest is “excited to provide our Conquest trike to help consumers with physical challenges from the waist down enjoy the ride again.”
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