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What do you think of motorcycle checkpoints?

Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: The controversy over motorcycle-only safety checkpoints continues. Back in 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began to provide federal funds to state and local governments through their Motorcycle Law Enforcement Demonstration grant program, in an effort to create more motorcycle-only checkpoints. According to a recent news article in the Los Angeles Times, some legislators are opposed to these inspections, stating that they are an intrusive measure by the federal government. In March 2011, Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and colleagues Rep. Tom Petri (R-WI) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) introduced H.R. 904, in opposition to this federal funding. If approved, this bill would prohibit the U.S. Department of Transportation from providing taxpayer funds to state and local governments for these inspections in the future.

New York was the first state to receive a federal funding to support motorcycle-only checkpoints. Last year, Georgia received a $70,000 federal grant from the NHTSA to be used for six motorcycle road checkpoints. For those of you who have not experienced these checkpoints, they operate much like drunk-driving checkpoints. Police officers may signal motorcyclists to pull over for random inspections, which include a helmet check, license check, and motorcycle safety inspection. Many bikers claim that these checkpoints are discriminatory and unconstitutional. In New York, four motorcyclists sued state troopers, claiming that New York State Police highway checkpoints violated their constitutional rights when they were stopped and ticketed; however, a federal judge rejected their claims in November 2011.

According to Wisconsin State Representatives, Jim Sensenbrenner and Tom Petri, motorcycle-only checkpoints are “intrusive, costly, and ineffective.” Both representatives advocate for the use of taxpayer funds toward motorcycle crash prevention and safety programs instead of checkpoints. Many other organizations have expressed their opposition to motorcycle-only checkpoints, including the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MFR). Those who support motorcycle-only checkpoints see them as a safety measure to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes, while those opposed claim there is no clear evidence proving

While there is much controversy surrounding this issue, there is no doubt that improving motorcycle safety is of vital importance. By following motorcycle safety laws, bikers can do their part to help reduce motorcycle accidents.

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