Cool Weekday Motorcycle Runs in Central CaliforniaI am always looking for an excuse to get out of work and get in the wind, and ever since I moved back to Southern California all I can think about is riding my old ’63 Panhead. After talking with an old friend of mine who recently moved to Colorado, I found out he was going to be in Fresno on business for 3 days, so I made plans to ride out and meet him for the day.
Knowing I would be taking Highway 99 as soon as I was out of Bakersfield I planned to leave Long Beach around 4 AM so I could avoid the heavy truck traffic along I5. Not willing to eat a heavy ticket for speeding while on I5 stayed within the speed limit and didn’t put the hammer down until I well out of Tulare on Highway 99, making two stops for a smoke break and energy drinks I made it to my bros motel off of 99 around 7AM in time for some breakfast at local truck stop.
After spending the day with my old friend I said my goodbyes and made my way to cheap motel I knew just off of Highway 41 to get some rest and plan the rest of my ride. By the time I had made it to my motel I had decided to ride Highway 41 to Highway 46 and go to Paso Robles and then cruise US1 the rest of the way home.
Heading out of Fresno I hit highway 41 and settled in for a easy ride down to highway 46. Along the way I stopped in Lemoore for some tacos and energy drinks and then put the hammer down for Paso Robles.
The roads were mostly ok for motorcycles, but there was the occasional rough patch along the way, but I wasn’t in a hurry so I took my time getting to Paso Robles. I made it to the 101 and highway 46 around 3PM and after getting gas I decided to haul ass down 41 to Morro Bay and relax for the night.
The closer I got to the coast the better the scenery got. I wish I had brought some camping gear cause I would have easily been at home camping out by Avila beach, but I settled for a Days Inn in Morro Bay and enjoyed some seafood and the view of that giant landmark rock in the bay.
The next day I was making my way along US 1 with both the weather and traffic perfect, I took Highway 166 inland towards Santa Maria, and after some lunch and a short pit stop I made my way to 101 and headed home. Except for the high price of gas I had a nice 2 and half day cruise for under $200.00.
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