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Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®; Deer and Motorcycles a Challenging Mix

As many of you know, it is now deer hunting season.  There’s a good reason for that:  deer are very active at this time of year.  While that may have the hunters licking their chops, it should make us as motorcycle riders very wary while cruising our favorite back roads and highways.  It’s one thing to slam into a deer with your pick up or sedan—that’s dangerous enough but it is quite another to be involved in a motorcycle accident with one of these four legged creatures.  Daytime collisions, aren’t the real worry here, it is dusk and nighttime collisions.  The high frequency of these collisions is caused by the deer’s increased activity at this time of day.
If you were wondering if your home state was one of the deer’s more active areas, well I’m here to share the facts.  According to a report published by State Farm, the top five states cited for collisions with deer are as follows:  In first place comes West Virginia (where odds of a collision sit at a whopping 1 in 40!), followed by South Dakota (1 in 68), Iowa (1 in 71.9), Michigan (1 in 72.4) and rounding out the top five is Pennsylvania with odds of 1 in 76.  Now, just because your home state does not make the top five, does not mean you should let your guard down when cruising the highways and byways of the land on your favorite two wheeler.  Deer are abundant throughout the nation and, no matter the odds for or against a collision; you should be prepared that it could be you that is the next person to have the next run in with a deer.  State Farm reports that vehicle-deer run ins have gone up 7.7% since last year…a large jump considering a downward trend over the last three years.
The months of October, November and December are peak times for deer activity, with the odds of hitting a deer three times higher in November than any time between February 1st and August 31st.  However, State Farm offers up some useful tips in regard to the avoidance of these mishaps.  If you see deer crossing signs, be on high alert, especially at this time of year.  Use your high beams to illuminate your path and to spot any deer from a distance, allowing yourself plenty of time to react.  Remember that deer travel in herds, so if you spot one, you can be sure that there are more around.  And of course, drive with caution, and in a manner that suits the conditions in order to avoid any surprises.  All this is common sense that every rider should employ but it never hurts to refresh yourself and focus a little before you fire up your ride for a late fall cruise—be aware of what could happen out there!

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