Motorcycle Accident Lawyer; Elena Myers is used to “firsts.” She’s not just a race winner, she’s also a record setter. Elena made history in 2010 by being the first female to win an AMA Pro sprint road race; it was a shortened, red-flagged race, but she did win. Last Saint Patrick’s Day, Elena entered the history books again, this time as the first female rider to win an AMA national —or any professional race, for that matter— at Daytona International Speedway. The Daytona victory was a certified, no-excuses win. By the way, she’ll be 19 in November! And in a more colorful but less-important footnote to racing history, she is the first AMA National racer to win while sporting blue fingernail polish!

Elena began riding at the age of eight, which meant she had five years’ experience under her belt when she became possibly the youngest female ever to enter the AMA racing circuit. She was 11 when she won her first race, competing on John Ulrich’s Team Roadracing World, in the United States Grand Prix Racers Union National Series. She was 13 when she was signed to a contract with the Kawasaki Green Team – and all this was three years before she could legally get a license to drive!
How do you begin riding at eight? Start with pocket bikes – about a quarter of the size of regular motorcycles; move up to mini bikes; and graduate to supermoto, where your riding skills outweigh the type of bike as the biggest factor for winning. Kids, get your parents’ okay before you start!  Elena had her parents’ support and encouragement. When she was starting out, Elena’s dad was her coach and mechanic; now Matt Myers has cut back his participation, and says he looks forward to “showing up and just watching from the stands.” Both her parents have always been supportive, though Elena’s mother Anita admits raising a racer can be stressful. She says her stomach is often in knots until Elena gets through Turn One, and she remembers that her daughter “has exceptional talent, and we’re letting her do her thing.”
When Elena was an 11-year-old, she raced against adult amateurs. Since her professional debut at the Daytona Speedway in March of 2010, she competes as a professional. She took independent studies to graduate from high school more than a year ago, in February of 2011 – with straight A’s. She knew that going to a non-traditional high school meant she’d miss out on dances and teenage socials. Her reaction?  “Who cares about that? I race motorcycles!”

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