Every year after Paradise Road Show we get tagged in tons of photos via social media, but two years ago a photographer by the name of Christina Guerra tagged us in a bunch of great photos he shot at the event, and I was 100% sold! I guess I’m a tough critic since I too am a photographer, but Christia’s work caught my eye. The next year I offered up media passes to a select few photographers that wanted to document the event for us and Christian replied to the call I put out. His photos were great that year and we ended up hiring him the following year, so he’s been with us for a while at Paradise and he’s even come out to LA from SD to shoot photos of me with my 1964  Falcon and we are working on another shoot with my Sportster. I’m really particular with the photographers that I work with and Christian just really gets it, in my opinion! I am truly a fan of his work and the fact that he is such a nice and humble guy, so I wanted to share his work and his story with all of you guys!

How did you get into riding motorcycles and what bikes do you own?

So this is quite the story, it all happened in 2013 in Miami. I have no one in my family that rides motorcycles I just one day decided to sell the car I had at the time and get one, I had just gotten outta high school and I don’t know I just felt like I needed to reinvent my self and do something out of the ordinary and so I went to the Harley dealership and got my self a brand new sporty. After that, I felt like I needed to find other people to ride with and so I went online and I found a bike night at a local nearby bar in Wynwood called Wood Tavern, little did I know this place would change my life. At Wood Tavern, I’ve met people who to this day, are my closest friends, this group of dudes that started a community and a lifestyle brand called “oldsoulyoungblood” it was here that I really began to fall in love with motorcycle culture the custom culture that goes with it, its also one of the reasons why I began shooting because it was so new to me and so inspiring, I just needed to be a part of it. To this day I’ve only owned two motorcycles, the first, a 2013 883 sporty, and my second which is my current, a 1995 1200 Evo chopper.




What was the best moto trip you’ve been on and why?

The best Moto trip I’ve ever had would be the trip I did with my friends from Miami out to Utah, Moab for the 3rd “Motos In Moab” event, an all out motorcycle campout in the middle of Moab, we flew out and rented ourselves dual sport bikes and rode out through Utah, best experience ever and also if you were at motos in Moab you know how rowdy it was haha

What are your essentials on a moto trip?

Well essentials for me riding a chopped out Harley would definitely be a tool roll anywhere I go with the necessary tools to fasten all the bolts on my bike that will come loose over time, and for sure always keep an extra set of spark plugs and chain breaker just in case. Oh and ALWAYS carry Zip ties!


What got you into shooting photos? What kinds of cameras do you shoot with?

My dad used to be a photographer and so I always had that influence, but I didn’t really start getting into it until I got a motorcycle and got involved with the motorcycle community in Miami, I started out going to these bike nights and just capturing the scene, fast forward 5 years later through one of my friends I was able to get a job that gave me the opportunity to move to San Diego California, and once I moved everything just fell into place and my photography just grew exponentially.



Where has photography taken you that you never thought it could?

Seriously, I feel like this question would usually be answered by saying that it has taken me into a successful career that makes me money and gotten me into shooting with great brands and sure it’s definitely something that is still in progress and happening but to be honest the biggest thing that photography has brought to me is a lot of friendships and networking, I never thought I would meet so many people from so many different walks of life and being able to just hang out with them and take photos of ’em, that to me is more valuable than fame and money. I love the people and the community I’ve been able to meet. 




How have photography and riding changed your life?

Photography and motorcycles have given me an outlet that I never thought was possible. The amount of people I’ve met through riding motorcycles and photography is just unfathomable. I love the amazing people that I’ve met through being in the motorcycle culture and the extent that being a photographer entails which is meeting many people. 



What advice would you give those who want to learn to ride?

Literally, the best advice I can give is to just ride. Doest matter how much advice people give you, out there is you and your machine, keep riding and become comfortable on your motorcycle. don’t keep up with your friends, go at your own pace, just keep riding. Become a master of your own demise.

Where can people see more of your work and get in touch?

Best place to see my work is on my Instagram profile – https://www.instagram.com/lastnamewar/ to be honest, but I plan to update my website and add more work that you can access through my Instagram too.


Interviewed by Adri.

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