Great Routes to Ride in California: Highway 58

There are several reasons why riding motorcycles is more popular in California that in other parts of the country. The most obvious one is of course, our weather – we can ride practically year-round in Southern California and even up in the Bay area. California is where Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® was founded and our California accident lawyers who ride know some of the best routes to enjoy in the Golden State.

There are the obvious routes, of course – Hwy 1 along the Pacific Coast, riding through the Redwoods, and the Angeles Crest Highway through the National Forest. When it’s time to get on your bike and unwind, by yourself or with your brothers, you never have to look far to find somewhere to ride. But when you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path, you might consider Highway 58 between Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo.

The Locals Don’t Know Where It Is (but Your Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Might)

They call Highway 58 ‘The Lost Highway’ with good reason. Most of the locals don’t even know it’s there. The route starts about 12 miles outside of Bakersfield, to the west. The ride from there to San Luis Obispo is among the best to be had in the state. Be ready for active riding (of course, you always want to be active and alert whenever you ride, as any Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer will tell you). There aren’t a lot of long straightaways – the road twists and turns and the elevation changes considerably, so you’re riding uphill and downhill a lot.

What You’ll See, What You Won’t

The first hour, you’re riding mostly through farmland, but as you approach San Luis Obispo, you’ll be riding twisting roads through the canyons. The roads are generally good – coarse at times, but very rideable. The turns, while tight at times, are generally predictable. You might see your favorite California accident lawyer if he’s out riding, but you’ll have the road to mostly yourself as there isn’t much traffic. Only downsides to riding Highway 58 is the farm machinery you have to look out for during harvest time and there’s not much in the way of amenities. So make sure to eat, gas up, do whatever you need to do before you head out of Bakersfield.