After a motorcycle accident, there is pain, there is confusion and there are questions. One of the foremost questions is about how to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer for your case. People offer advice, even if they have never been in a motorcycle accident and often, even if they have never hired a lawyer. While it is nice to have people who care and want to help, in situations like this bad advice can be much, much worse than no advice at all. To help you sort through all of the information, Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys offers these criteria to look for as you try to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer:

  • Experience – One of the best indicators of the best motorcycle accident lawyer for your case is years of experience. Experience is the best teacher: The longer the lawyer has been practicing, the greater the chance that they have handled a case similar to yours and know how to get the best possible settlement in these circumstances. At Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, we have been helping riders just like you for over 40 years, and have helped numerous clients obtain substantial results. Our success rate speaks for itself.
  • Specialization – Some law firms that claim to be experts in motorcycle accident cases are really just personal injury firms in disguise. The best motorcycle accident lawyer isn’t going to be working on a “slip and fall” case one day and on your case the next day – he or she will be a lawyer working only on motorcycle accident cases and is an expert in the field. Ask what percentage of cases your lawyer handles are motorcycle accident cases.
  • Riders – The best motorcycle accident lawyer will have a far better understanding of your case if he or she is also a motorcycle rider. This is important because only a fellow rider can have a complete understanding of the conditions and circumstances that led to your accident.
  • Credentials – Don’t just file a lawsuit with the first name you see on Google. More often than not, the bigger firms that can afford to buy ads and force themselves to the top of the page aren’t specialist firms but general personal injury firms targeting motorcycle accidents. They won’t have the experience you need. Look carefully, and pick an attorney with bona fide credentials.
  • Rapport – How attentive was the attorney that you met and spoke with about taking on your case? Did they seem busy? Were you interrupted during the meeting by their phone calls, or staff asking about other cases? It is tempting to think that a busy lawyer is a successful lawyer. However, a busy lawyer is also a lawyer that isn’t 100% focused on your case. If your case is being disregarded to the extent that you don’t even have an uninterrupted introductory meeting, it is a bad sign.

A Motorcycle Crash Lawyer You Can Trust

Many motorcycle accident claims are doomed before they even get off the ground. Insurance companies have a vested interest in preventing victims from pursuing legal recourse with an attorney, and will often try to force a settlement early. With the threat of extensive legal resources at the company’s disposal to build a case against them, many victims will choose a meager settlement. This can mean losing out on hundreds of thousands and being left on the hook for significant medical expenses, as well as lost wages. That’s why when you have been involved in a motorcycle accident you should seek legal advice quickly. A motorcycle accident attorney has the contacts and expertise to obtain all the necessary documents. Things like accident reports from police, witness statements from the accident scene, medical records of injuries sustained, and details of the defendant’s driving history. Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys aren’t intimidated by insurance companies. Our 98% success rate and reputation for winning even tough cases means that they’re intimidated by us. Our clients routinely claim 6- and even 7-figure sums in compensation. And of course, we are a no-win, no-fee enterprise. There’s nobody better in the industry to deal with a motorcycle accident injury.

Questions After a Motorcycle Accident

It’s natural to be disoriented and even traumatized after a motorcycle crash. Even if you haven’t had a crash, it’s important to have a protocol in place so you have something to fall back on if you are in that situation.

  • What should I do after an accident? Check everyone is OK, call 911 if there are any injuries. Call the police to make an official accident report. Collect names, addresses, insurance info, and driver’s license numbers for all involved in the crash. Identify witnesses and get their contact information as well. Take pictures of damage to your bike, other vehicles, road conditions, traffic signs, and signals at the crash site.
  • Should I contact an attorney? In a word, yes. This is one of the most important things to do after your motorcycle accident. Before you even contact your insurance carrier, talk to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. You may inadvertently say something that can harm your claim, especially if you are still in shock from the accident. An attorney can coach you on how to avoid doing that. A lawyer can discuss with you the available options for gaining the compensation to cover your damages to your person and property.
  • Should I accept my insurance company’s settlement? Never accept a settlement or sign an agreement with an insurance company without checking in with your attorney first. If they can take advantage of your confusion to get your signature on a low-value settlement, they will take that opportunity to reduce costs.

Find the Best Motorcycle Lawyer Only a Phone Call Away

Since 1975, Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys has been a successful advocate for their fellow bikers. We’ve helped our clients win hundreds of millions of dollars in claims and bring unmatched experience, leadership, and personalized attention to every case. Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys are pioneers in the field of motorcycle accident representation and we handle only motorcycle accident cases. Our extensive knowledge of motorcycle accident law helped us achieve an extremely high success rate in California of 98% for all retained cases. When you call Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorneys immediately after your accident, we go to work for you. We will protect you from insurance adjusters and others who want to minimize the seriousness of your case. Some may try to claim that you were at fault, even though you weren’t. Insurance companies count on not paying out if they can avoid it, and their legal teams are very good at getting them off the hook. Don’t face them alone. Did you know 85% of all dollars awarded to victims in bodily injury claims go to victims who hired lawyers? In the event of a serious motorcycle crash, it could be months or even years before you fully recover from your injuries. You may even be unfairly blamed or inadequately compensated for your injuries and the damage to your bike.  Don’t let that happen!

We ride. We win. We Care.

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