Among motorcyclists, Humberto Agurcia is a modern day triple threat. As firefighter, singer, and member of Men of Fire, he was the perfect representative to kick off our Speedway at the Grand Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® night. He is downright passionate about those three things: his Harley, his job, and his pipes. We would be remiss to leave out his girlfriend, Sonia (an aspiring firefighter in her own right), for whom his passion nearly equals.
Humberto has been a member of Men of Fire since 2003. This timed exactly with Harley’s release of their Fireman’s Edition Road King, which is still his bike today. It is the overlap of freedom, patriotism, the brother-hood of firefighters, the spirit of public servitude that drew him to the world of motorcycles, and Men of Fire embodies all these values.

“Even though it sounds corny, the freedom and the feeling you get with the acceleration and the adrenaline, the relaxation, it’s everything all together at once. There’s nothing more American than exercising the free-dom on a Harley, wind blowing through your hair, the open road in front of you.”

He’s always wanted to be a fireman, since as far back has he can remember, despite the majority of his family branching off into police work. The idea of being a part of something greater than one’s self, a com-munity for the greater good, was and remains the motivating force in his life. He began his career as an EMT, and today, he is stationed at Firehouse 154 in the City of Covina, a part of Los Angeles County. Public service isn’t confined to his day job, Humberto also serves on the board for the Muscular Dystrophy Associa-tion, is board director for the Firefighter and Burn Foundation, and regularly donates whatever remaining free time to charitable efforts.
Today, he is the Departments go-to guy for all things vocal, both regionally as well and nationally. He’s been sent to Boston and Philadelphia, sang before major sports events, department funerals, and nearly every academy graduation for the past decade or so. He considers it an honor and a privilege to represent his departments, firefighters, and treats the duty with reverent respect. His patriotism is second to none, and you won’t catch him putting a spin on the classics. His #1 priority is to do a song like the national anthem justice, because it means so much to so many people, people like the veterans who helped make our freedom possible, and those who are currently serving in that continued effort.
Through Men of Fire, Humberto has made friends across the country – as far away as Vermont – many of whom he has never met in person, yet they text each other daily with the affinity of kinship, even referring to each other as brothers. The level of trust and the closeness developed between Firefighters is bolstered by the camaraderie of the MC, a group dedicated to public servitude and working towards that mission both on and off work. There are several charity events hosted by Men of Fire year round, notably The 9/11 ride each September, and the ride from Bull Pit to Laughlin during River Run. When it comes to Humberto, the overriding themes of continuous self-sacrifice and deep sense of patriotism drive all of his actions. Whether he is performing in his Class A Firefighters uniform representing his brothers at work, or signing on behalf of his Men of Fire in MC colors, he is always standing up, and belting out as a public servant, conveying meaning and intention with each and every word. He describes himself as lucky, and we would say we’re lucky to have had him open our night as we hosted speedway and extreme cars at the Grand.


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