I just want to ride!

Motorcycle Injury Law; Rhonda (not her original name) was an active and vivacious woman who enjoyed riding her motorcycle, yoga, biking, and other outdoor activities. Yet the years of sports and activity left her with chronic right knee pain and disability. So in July 2009, Rhonda received a partial knee replacement in an effort to get back to her active lifestyle. Yet the surgery didn’t go as planned and after months of pain and limited mobility, the knee collapsed and failed in January 2010. She immediately underwent emergency surgery to replace the cartilage piece, but even after her second knee replacement, things were still not right.
In March 2011, her knee replacement failed after a year of pain, stiffness, and instability of the knee joint. The plastic piece in the knee joint knocked up and in April, she underwent emergency surgery and received a Smith and Nephew full prosthetic knee. Sadly, due to all of her trouble with her knee replacements, she lost both her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and her Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL).
Even after all of her surgeries, Rhonda says that she is still in a lot of pain and has tremendous clicking and looseness in the knee joint. After over a year of physical therapy, her knee joint is still not 100% and so loose and clunky that it is audible when she walks. Doctors and surgeons are not eager to do another surgery, so for now, she is forced to live with a faulty knee replacement.
Sadly, Rhonda’s story is not an uncommon one in the motorcycle community. Knee replacements and hip replacements are a nearly $7 billion market and over 1 million people undergo hip or knee surgery every single year. However, a large majority of those patients have to undergo secondary surgeries, lengthy physical therapy, and years of pain and suffering because those devices were already faulty. In fact, the National Research Center for Women and Families found that in 2010 more than 437 million devices were recalled due to their potential to harm or even kill patients.
A few of the companies listed here have knee/hip replacement products on the recall list – Depuy, Smith & Nephew, Howmedica, (a subsidiary of Stryker, Corp.), Biomet, Exactech, Encore Orthopedics, Centerpulse (formerly Sulzer Medica), Wright Medical, Zimmer. To find out if the implant you have is on the recall list check with the FDA.
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