Upgrading a Harley®’s performance is typically one of the first things a rider does when they get their new bike. From the rider who wants to do a simple Stage One build, to the guy or gal that wants to rip their engine out and fully build a monster of a motor, Horsepower Inc. has the capabilities of helping those dreams become reality with their knowledge and quality craftsmanship.

Jimmy Laura Andrew HP Indianapolis

HPi is one of those companies you’ve probably heard of, but don’t even realize it. They’ve been leading the industry with v-twin fuel injection since 2002, and although they’re family-owned and operated, this isn’t a rinky-dink operation. With enough business, the company has grown to manage two locations: their manufacturing location, based in Erie, PA and ran by Mary Jo Light, and their HQ location in Indianapolis, IN ran by Mary Jo’s son, Jimmy Light.
Jimmy:We were the first company to manufacture an aftermarket throttle body and intake replacement for the v-twin industry.That was in 2002. We started building our brand from there. It grew into more product, growth in technology, and basically growth in our entire machine shop. In the beginning, we were very limited on how we could produce castings but through the years, we’ve gone from using hand-carved wood patterns to printing 3D plastic models.These changes in technology have really redesigned our products, sped up manufacturing and improved quality.”

HPi Difference

Motorcycles and Performance are nothing new to Jimmy, though. Since the age of 6 when he jumped on a little Suzuki 50cc, he’s been hooked. “My family has always had some sort of involvement with fast cars or racing. Our first throttle body was born when members of our machine shop worked after hours to improve the performance of their own fuel injected bikes. We quickly learned there was a need for performance products in the EFI market.”
Fast forward to the HPi we know now, the multi-faceted team is manufacturing their famed throttle bodies to supply not only their brand but past competitors as well. “We manufacture various products for other companies in the V-Twin industry that are private labeled, and our machine shop still manufactures parts for other industries as well. Our manufacturing location is alive and well in the U.S., and we pride ourselves in American made products. All of our manufacturing is done in-house, on all of the products we sell. Eric Henderson, our Head Engineer in Manufacturing has advanced our design capabilities to stay ahead of the curve and changes in the industry.”

Throttle Body Air Cleaner Product

So… what the heck is a throttle body? Why do you need all these fancy things to make your bike run efficiently? We had Jimmy explain the benefits of upgrading your throttle body from OEM (Stock) components to HPi:
“HPi products are performance-based, not production-based. Each one of our products is fully CNC machined in-house and all of our manifolds are CNC ported to match any popular port size the consumer would need. If you increase the displacement of the engine with most combinations, it is going to need a larger throttle body. Our manifolds are designed to make better mid-range torque and throttle response, not just big horsepower numbers. Not only are our throttle bodies OEM compatible with stock electronics, injectors, and air cleaners, but we also offer various air cleaner backing plate openings for the large throttle bodies and our air cleaner will also work with stock/other throttle bodies. Our air cleaners have really started to take off with some top industry riders running them.”

Born Free Bike Build

One of the most recent places you may have heard of Horsepower Inc is through Harley-Davidson’s Born Free 10 x HD115th Softail Build-Off. HPi was chosen to compete along with five of the industry’s best performance aficionados.
Jimmy: “This build was pretty special because it was one of the first projects we were invited to be a part of which I think is an honor in this industry. It was fun to get to work with and be face-to-face with so many people from our industry on the west coast that we don’t usually get to be around. We went with a race theme on our 2018 Softail Fat Bob. We chose to keep some of the stock-look on this bike but added our own touch of performance. The exhaust was a similar look, but 100% handmade and TIG welded. The project widened our manufacturing horizons as we also designed our own set of wheels, hubs, and swingarm. The rest we just chose the baddest in the business and they delivered. The Milwaukee 8 motors are nice and quite different than the Twin Cam motors. They will change how the performance industry reacts.”

Mary Jo Eric Erie Drag Bike

Passion is something that you can’t fake. You can see it in a company’s products, through the quality, craftsmanship, and innovation that they bring to the table. Bikes are in this family’s blood, and it shows through their day to day life in and out of the office.
Jimmy: “We are all just a bunch of motorheads really. We don’t know much else than to make things run. All of our employees here are motorcycle/racing enthusiasts and skillful for our business in their own way. I think we all love what we do and have fun doing it. Either way, it’s fun to take something and make it better and more of your own. We also love being at racetracks/drag strips. Eric has a Drag Bike and runs with the AMRA series. I compete in open-wheel racing, midget, sprints and silver crown cars with the United States Auto Club when our time allows it.”
Interested in HPi’s product line? Visit www.horsepowerinc.net to see what they’re offering. Interested in getting a little social? Follow them on the ‘gram, @horsepowerinc, or on Facebook.

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