Los Angeles Motorcycle Lawyers, Personal Injury AttorneysMay is motorcycle awareness month and Russ Brown and his team of Los Angeles Motorcycle Lawyers, know how important motorcycle awareness is. Motorcycle Awareness in California is especially important in CA based on California having the highest number of registered motorcycles on the road and our year round riding weather.
May was chosen as the month for motorcycle awareness due to the better riding weather which results in a larger number of motorcycles hitting the  road. The motorcycle awareness campaign’s goal is to alert other drivers, in the city of Los Angeles and all over the State of California, to be more aware of the high number of motorcycles that ride our streets and freeways.
The number of registered motorcycles and number of motorcycle fatalities have been increasing consistently over the past few years nationwide and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration along with state organizations promote motorcycle awareness month to encourage drivers to share the road with motorcycles.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Lawyers
; Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable in a car/motorcycle accidents. NHTSA statistics report that in fatal motorcycle/automobile collisions, 98% of the fatalities were motorcycle riders.
Helping the CHP spread the word about motorcycle safety awareness to the cager public is the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Caltrans will display the important message, statewide on their Changeable Message Signs: Share the Road, Look Twice for Motorcyclists.
Russ Brown’s team of Los Angeles Motorcycle Lawyers ride with you in the Los Angeles area and can be seen at various local bike hot-spots, like the Rock Store in Agoura Hills and at Cooks Corner in Orange County. If you have a question about a Los Angeles motorcycle accident call Russ at 1-800-4-BIKERS. It is extremely important to have an experienced LA motorcycle lawyer in your corner on the road and in the court room!
Share the road, it saves lives!

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