Interesting Motorcycle Facts

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Throughout the years, the motorcycle has rapidly become a popular form of economical transportation, as well the cornerstone of a American biker culture, but few people actually know that many of the leaders in motorcycle technology were involved in other commercial industries and had sideline commercial interests. I am sure you will enjoy these rare motorcycle facts.

While the Harley Davidson motorcycle company excelled in developing world-class motorcycles in the early 1900’s, from 1905 to 1908 one of the company’s money making staples was known as the “buckboard” engine. Much like later versions of industrial motors sold in the 1920’s the Buckboard motor was utilized in a wide variety of industrial and marine applications. Additionally Harley Davidson also produced bicycles in 1917 to appeal to children and youth.

Henry Winkler or aka “Fonzie” couldn’t actually ride a motorcycle. The famous 65-foot jump over a barbed wire fence in the movie “The Great Escape” was performed by motorcycle stuntman Bud Ekins, not Steve McQueen.

Kawasaki was solely involved in aerospace development and only created the Kawasaki motorcycle division to aid in marketing and publicizing their “heavy industries” which was unknown by the public.

In 1999 Harley Davidson tried unsuccessfully to trademark the name “hog”, which was originally coined from a group of 1920’s farmers who known as “hog boys” because they had a live pig as a mascot.

Motorcycle insurance statistics show that in inner cities 1 in 5 motorcycle are stolen, but a Harley is the least stolen motorcycle with Honda being number 1, followed by Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. Additionally statistics go on to say that almost 25% of reported motorcycle thefts are falsely reported in an effort to get the money spent purchasing the motorcycle back. Many times the motorcycle is stolen by friends or family, reported stolen and then stripped to be used in building a new motorcycle and pocketing the money from the insurance policy.

In 2010 the Dodge Tomahawk was recorded the fastest motorcycle in the world with a top speed of 350 MPH.

The TOTO, a motorcycle powered from human waste was build in Japan in 2010 and while at first was considered as a joke, the company TOTO who manufactures toilets took the bike on an extensive tour to prove the motorcycle actually works. Human waste stored in a tank under the bikes seat is converted and powers the engine.

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