Russ Brown Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cost: No Recovery = No Fee

For most people, hiring an attorney after a motorcycle accident would depend largely on the motorcycle accident attorney cost. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, however, you will discover that Russ Brown motorcycle accident attorneys investigate and work up your case without you having to pay any costs upfront.  

Based on their vast knowledge in the field of motorcycle accident law, Russ Brown motorcycle accident attorneys can offer injured riders the best available legal services without any hourly fees.  They advance all costs to fight for your case, prove your injuries and maximize your settlement.  Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® has been successfully helping injured motorcyclists for decades and their entire practice is dedicated to motorcycle accident law.

An attorney in a non-injury civil case can charge several hundred dollars an hour depending on his or her experience and on the complexities of your case. A criminal defense attorney may also charge high fees and will usually demand payment up front.

But if you suffer a motorcycle accident injury, Russ Brown motorcycle accident attorney cost is No Recovery = No Fee.  Why is this different from attorneys in other areas of law? Because with our motorcycle accident attorney cost, no settlement = no fee.  If we cannot help you, you owe nothing.

Our motorcycle accident attorney cost is calculated based on the size of the settlement or jury award we achieve. You may know this as a “contingency” basis.

Using this zero upfront motorcycle accident attorney cost through Russ Brown motorcycle attorneys gives you the best of all worlds: the highest level of expert attorney representation available, fellow riders motivated to achieve the highest possible financial reward for your injuries, and the peace of mind you need after your motorcycle accident knowing that you won’t pay a dime unless we are successful.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Fighting for YOU!

As the pioneer in the field of motorcycle accident injury, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® brings unmatched experience, leadership, and personalized attention to every case. Russ Brown motorcycle accident attorneys has been a successful advocate for their fellow bikers, winning millions upon millions of dollars in claims for riders since 1975.

Your motorcycle accident attorney cost is not the only reason to choose Russ Brown motorcycle attorneys. We aggressively fight to maximize your settlement or go to trial and our success rate in California is an extremely high 98% for all retained cases. And our “no recovery= no fee” motorcycle accident attorney cost has provided countless clients with the expert legal representation and strong law firm reputation they need to win their case.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, money quickly becomes necessary to cover medical bills for surgeries and rehabilitation, to live on if you are unable to work, and to get your motorcycle repaired. Russ Brown motorcycle accident attorneys, The Original Attorneys Who Ride®™ understand real life needs and care about their fellow riders, so there is no motorcycle accident attorney cost until we successfully conclude your case.

In the event of a serious motorcycle crash, it could be months or even years before you fully recover from your injuries and it is quite possible that throughout the case, the insurance company will try to unfairly blame or inadequately compensate you for your injuries and damages. 

If you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident, call Russ Brown motorcycle attorneys to help improve your odds. Russ Brown motorcycle attorneys has won hundreds of millions of dollars in claims for fellow riders since 1975.

We ride. We Care.  We WIN!

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