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Motorcycle Safety Equipment Basics for Los Angeles Roads – Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyer

Most Los Angeles motorcyclists know the basics of proper motorcycle protective gear, but it’s always helpful to brush up on this topic from time to time. To be effectively protected, every Los Angeles rider should have each of the following:
A helmet is the most important piece of protective equipment for any rider, and a legal requirement in the State of California. The outer layer of the helmet is hardened to disperse impact energy, while the inner layer is soft to absorb energy and protect the rider’s head. There are 3 main types of helmet:

  • Full-face – protect only the skull and lower jaw
  • Open-face – protect everything but the face
  • Flip-face – complete protection for head & face

If you select a helmet that does not include a visor, it is extremely important to wear additional eye protection, either riding goggles or glasses with safety lenses.
A one-piece suit or two-piece jacket & trousers combo made from leather or a specially-designed textile (ballistic nylon, Kevlar, or blends that may include Lycra and Gore-Tex) provide excellent protection against injury in the event of a California motorcycling accident. Many leathers have plastic or metal armor on common impact areas including the shoulders, elbows, knees, and back. From a protection standpoint, more is always better.
Leather or safety fabrics offer the best protection, and the palms should be reinforced. Weather-proofing is a common feature and can make a real difference in wet weather, while racing gloves typically incorporate titanium or carbon panels on the fingers. For most riders, it is important to choose gloves that strike a balance between both protection and flexibility.
Foot protection is incredibly important, and often overlooked. Tough, durable material with moderate flexibility provides optimal protection, and composite rubber soles deliver added traction on pegs and oily surfaces. For added protection, choose boots designed with energy absorbers and load spreaders.
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