motorcycle accident injury attorney san franciscoThe San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Winding roads offer views of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, the Embarcadero, Alcatraz, and Golden Gate Bridge, and it is precisely this beauty that draws thousands of motorcyclists here each and every year. Whether they live in the city, in one of the many Bay Area suburbs, or have ridden across the country, motorcyclists love this city. Unfortunately, this city is the worst California city for motorcyclists.

According to the 2009 traffic accident statistics compiled by the Office of Traffic Safety, San Francisco tops the list in the number of victims that are killed or hurt in motorcycle accidents. In 2009 alone, almost 300 motorcyclists were killed or injured in San Francisco.

What makes San Francisco so Deadly?

While no one quite knows for certain why there are so many motorcycle accidents in an around San Francisco, San Francisco is home to some of the country’s most unique weather. Rolling fog (sometimes a daily occurrence in the city) can lead to moist pavements and reduced visibility, while windy afternoons can be especially dangerous for motorcycles attempting to cross the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges. These strong gusts can easily cause an innocent motorcyclist to lose control of his/her bike and swerve into another lane or car.

In addition to the weather, San Francisco boasts some incredibly steep hills both in the city and throughout the suburbs. These hills can prove to be an incredible challenge for motorcyclists and other vehicles in the area, and can lead to reduced visibility and sudden stops.

While the weather and the roadways can cause devastating San Francisco motorcycle accidents, there is no doubt that the beautiful scenery we all know and love so much is also to blame. Other drivers, tourists, and even other motorcyclists often allow their gaze to linger a bit too long on the beautiful Pacific Ocean sunsets or the flickering Bay lights. These distractions can cause dangerous and often deadly situations for motorcyclists and all those who drive on San Francisco’s roadways.

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