Texas Motorcycle injury accident attorneyThe High Cost of Spinal Cord Injuries by the Motorcycle Accident Law Firm, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®.

As reported by DealerNews.com, a Texas man paralyzed by a motorcycle crash has begun a charitable foundation to assist motorcyclists who are left in crushing financial difficulty after catastrophic motorcycle accidents.

After his 2007 Texas motorcycling accident, the underinsured biker was left quadriplegic after being struck by a car operated by an uninsured motorist. Friends and family were overwhelmed, both financially and emotionally, leaving him in a precarious situation. As quoted in the report, the biker perhaps understated his difficulties when he said “I had a hell of a time trying to find help [after the accident]…”

Spinal cord injuries that occur in motorcycle accidents are forever

In the State of Texas, where government resources are stretched thin after several years of soft economy and heavy debt, motorcyclists who suffer injuries during an accident face a scary future, particularly when spinal cord injuries lead to paralysis.

Worse, injuries to the spinal cord and other nerves are most responsive when therapy begins immediately. As such, delays while waiting for Texas healthcare authorities to approve state-paid medical expenses can reduce the chances for a successful outcome. For a free-spirited motorcyclist who is suddenly lying in bed waiting for therapy and rehabilitation following a motorcycle crash, spinal cord injuries are indeed “forever.”

Likewise, Texas families are often unprepared for the financial burdens of round-the-clock nursing care and other potentially-lifelong needs of patients paralyzed by spinal cord injuries. Sadly, although Texas law requires that all motorcyclists and vehicle drivers maintain insurance, the law requires only minimum coverage. Yet in many cases, serious motorcycling injuries (such as head, neck, and back injuries) result in long-term costs for medical care, therapy, rehabilitation, and nursing care that may not be covered.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Texas motorcycle accident, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Texas motorcycle accident attorney immediately. A motorcycle accident injury biker attorney can help assure that the injured person receives not only financial support, but also, most importantly, the long-term therapy and treatment necessary for successful recovery. Call the Texas motorcycle injury accident lawyers at 1-800-4-BIKERS today.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a motorcycle lawyer handle a motorcycle accident case. Before you sign any insurance papers or agree to any terms after a motorcycle accident make sure you first consult with a motorcycle attorney. It is a free phone call.

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