The One Motorcycle Show started out in close-in NE Portland eleven years ago with a simple idea at heart of the whole event– if you could have one motorcycle for the rest of your life, what would it be? Well, all these years later the party has grown many times over… and in fact moved just down the street from its original location to the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon. It was a sight to behold.

Tens of thousands of people streamed through the doors through the weekend-long event (Feb 7-9) featuring AMA flat-track racing, Bulleit whiskey bar, vendors, Sizzle Pie pizza stands, and over 200 custom motorcycles from across the world.

I’ve been to a lot of different racing events over the last decade and I’ll tell you, the One Show’s “The One Pro” series of races mere feet from the main show exhibit was one of the most exciting I’ve witnessed. During the kid’s heat, I watched one little ripper who couldn’t have been more than eight years old lap his competitors at least one and a half times before dumping it in the turn one apex. He struggled to lift his little bike until one of the corner workers came and assisted in getting him upright just before he starts kicking in a frenzy. The bike’s little Kickstarter roared to lift and despite having lost his lead, he flew past at least four racers on the straight, another four in the last corner, taking third place podium. The sound of cheering crowds in packed bleachers echoed off the walls, I got goosebumps.

Outside the racing area stadium doors lay the main concourse featuring vendors from every corner of the motorcycle industry. Artists like Tony Morgan, small but impactful gear companies like Stellar Motor Brand, and so many more. Downstairs was the main exhibit hall where you found the works of big and small builders alike. Walking through the halls was sort of like a miniature motorcycle celebrity hall of fame meet-and-greet with all the big-wigs wandering about.

The award ceremony was a cacophony of good times, with a huge crowd eclipsing any view of the giveaway bike sponsored by Russ Brown with See See Motorcycles and the One Motorcycle Show. Over fifteen trophies were bestowed upon awesome bike builders, with punny names like “Euro Alright”.

Year eleven, the biggest year yet. The most entertaining one, too. The One Show is one of those events where you feel like it couldn’t get any better, and then it does.

Time to start planning next year’s road trip!

Visit The One Moto Show website for more information.

View The 11th One Moto Photo Gallery Here!

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