California Motorcycle Rides

I am sure that just about every motorcyclist has made a run or two up California Highway 101 for some cool and scenic fun, but after you have seen the same old thing time after time, if you are like me and thousands of other adventurous bikers the need for new and exciting places to see begins to call out for serious exploration.

Me and a some close friends are all about gassing up and just hitting the road and letting adventure take over and 3 weeks ago we made our way to little known piece of road known only as Road 23S16.

We were on a run to visit an old friend who retired in a small country home close to lake Isabella near Bakersfield, California. After we arrived we were treated to a steak barbeque and some relaxing live music at a private biker bar. The next day we were up in the air as to where we would ride. I had suggested “Horse Meadows” as it was one of my father’s favorite places to go when I was a young boy. After a bit of talk we let our friend Jonesy lead the way and in no time we were heading south on Hwy 190 just enjoying the ride and scenery.

I love rough camping and after we found a sweet camp just off of what I would find out later was Sherman Pass road we bedded down for the night. The morning came fast for me and after a brief discussion we abandoned riding through Sherman pass road and heading back to Hwy 190 and continued south. We only found road 23S16 because we came up on 2 other bikers and just seemed to follow them.

I was apprehensive at first because we were really heading into uncharted territory, but what the hell, we had gas, food and water so we pushed on. The views of the tree-studded countryside was breathtaking and it was totally refreshing to be exploring this uncharted California road. We made our way slowly on this dusty road and about 35 miles later hit hwy 155. We gassed up and then hauled ass back towards lake Isabella.

Back at our friends Jonesy’s private bar we ate, drank and passed the rest of the night away in true biker fashion talking about the things we had seen, the bikes we had owned and where our next run was gonna be.

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