Originally established over 100 years ago in 1909, through curvy backroads in the small town of Cornell CA, the world-renowned Rock Store is recognized as a historical landmark and destination for bikers, adventurers, celebrities, and motor enthusiasts of all kinds. Jay Leno, Keanu Reeves, Matt LaBlanc, Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee, and many more are often spotted hanging out on the patio or talking bikes and cars with the locals.



Rock Store owner Rich Savko & staff with RBMA rep Randie Raige are all sporting their new RBMA hoodies. 


Jay Leno, a Rock Store regular, with RBMA rep Randie Raige. 



Once serving as a stagecoach provision and fuel station stop to voyagers traveling from San Francisco through the Malibu Mountains to Los Angeles, Ed & Vern Savko then purchased the Rock Store in 1961. Their passion to serve their customers created a strong word-of-mouth reputation. Carloads and large groups of motorcyclists began pouring in from all directions to enjoy refreshments before spinning off to experience more of the surrounding, windy roads. 

Its unique structure built of volcanic rock and rustic ambiance also made the Rock Store a popular filming location, having been featured in over 100 motion pictures, television productions, commercials, and countless print publications. The two legendary fuel pumps still stand and are one of Southern Californias most well-known icons. 


Russ’ sister Carol regularly worked the RBMA table years ago, signing riders up for BAM. Our FREE Riders Helping Riders volunteer network.



RBMA reps Kitty & Randie Raige with the iconic Rock Store fuel pumps.  


In the early 1980s Ed & Vern extended and built on the Rock Store Cafe making the already famous location even more desirable. Riders from all walks of life and styles journey through the twisty canyons to enjoy a homestyle-cooked breakfast or BBQ lunch at the Rock Store before continuing on their adventures motorcycling. The Rock Store Biker Burger, BLT, and Tri-Tip sandwiches are my personal favs! 



RBMA reps Jensen & Randie Raige sit with the legendary Vern Savko, RIP.



Today the son of Ed & Vern, Rich Savko continues with the Savko ownership and legacy, teaching the history and serving the riders and explorers who come to pay a visit. Rich is a humble legend himself and has ambitious plans for the Rock Store’s future. Soon, oven-baked pizzas and a variety of beers on tap will be on the menu. 

Latitude: 34.423243k

Longitude: -86.274334 



Yes, they are alive! The Lounging Lizards often frequent the Rock Store for plenty of photo ops. 



Russ Brown back in the day with the iconic Rock Store fuel pumps.



*Fun fact: The Rock Store was one of Russ Browns most frequented and cherished locations to ride to and hang out.* 

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