Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®– Top 5 music videos featuring motorcycles

With the recent debate over the new video for “Bound 2” by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – and the ensuing hilarious spoof by actors James Franco and Seth Rogen – the time felt right to reflect back on some of the top music videos featuring motorcycles.

Initially, Kanye wasn’t going to make this cut because “Bound 2” is so horrifically cheesy – in fact, it’s not even cheese; it’s more akin to a cheese-like substance – that no self-respecting biker in their right mind would go for this video.  It’s quite evident that Kanye is not comfortable being in the rider’s seat of a motorcycle.  Aside from the wild horses running down the dirt trail, there weren’t any redeeming qualities to the video …until Franco and Rogen came along and did it justice!

The two actors were literally killing time while on the set for their new film “The Interview” when they were inspired to recreate the “Bound 2” video…frame by frame. 

The absolute optimum way to view both of these videos is the “Bound 2 / Bound 3 Split Screen MashUp” and it kicks off the countdown at Number 5:


The video coming in at Number 4 is a true classic and while it doesn’t have a lot of an actual motorcycle in the video, the spot itself was revolutionary in its day when it was first released in 1986 and won six moonmen at the MTV Video Music Awards.  Let’s hear it for A-Ha’s “Take On Me”


The legendary gothic rock band Bauhaus had three of its members spin off to launch their own band – Love & Rockets.  The band’s vocalist / guitarist is Daniel Ash and he has said more than once that he does the music solely to fund his motorcycle habit.  While the video is amazing simplistic, it’s all about the bikes at Number 3 with “Motorcycle”:


What would a motorcycle video countdown be without the legendary bad boys of the hair bands?  That’s right; it’s time for Vince, Tommy, Mick, and Nikki of Motley Crue at Number 2 with some “Girls, Girls, Girls”:


The Number 1 motorcycle video might catch some people by surprise; however, the visuals do a remarkable job of truly encapsulating the feeling of being out on a fantastic road – just you and your bike.  So here it is with former British Army officer James Blunt and his song “Bonfire Heart” in our top spot.



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