Most riders don’t think about needing a lawyer for a motorcycle accident because they don’t think about getting into an accident. That’s only natural.

The challenge comes when the accident happens and the rider is forced to choose a motorcycle accident lawyer through an online search such as “motorcycle accident attorney near me” or some other unreliable method, instead of choosing the motorcycle lawyer who is best able to help.

There are specific things to look for when choosing a motorcycle accident attorney – traits that can make the difference between the size of your settlement or even whether you get any settlement at all.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, think of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer the same way you would hire someone to go to work in your business or to do work in your house or apartment.

In those situations, you would ask specific questions to help you choose the right person or company. Choosing a motorcycle lawyer should not be any different and it will be worth a few extra minutes of your time to investigate the following criteria. You can even ask the prospective motorcycle accident attorney about each of these:

1. Specialization

Perhaps you’ve seen personal injury ads online, on television, or heard them on the radio. Some of these lawyers or law firms will claim that they handle motorcycle injury cases, and they probably do.

But those lawyers and law firms are all over the place. They may be working on a “slip and fall” case one day and a workers’ comp case the next day. And in-between, they may handle the occasional motorcycle accident case.

You need a specialist – a lawyer or law firm who handles only motorcycle accident cases. This is important because lawyers who specialize in motorcycle accident cases are far more likely to use a “best practices” approach to your case. By using best practices, your motorcycle accident lawyer will rely on previous cases to help determine the best way to get you the settlement you deserve.

Only a motorcycle accident lawyer who is a specialist can have the right amount of case history needed to help you with your settlement.

2. Local

Those same ads sometimes try to cover up the fact that the lawyer or law firm is not really in your area, even though they have a phone number with a local prefix.

Don’t be fooled! A local motorcycle accident lawyer can help you because he or she is more likely to have prior relationships with key people who can make a difference, including insurance adjusters, police, doctors, repair shops, etc.

These relationships will be useful to you as you move along through your case by saving you time and trouble, for example, when getting a police report or getting your bike repaired.

3. Experience

There is no substitute for an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. When you hire a lawyer or law firm with many years of experience, you are getting someone who has been through it all before. They may even have made all the mistakes already and know how to avoid them!

A newer lawyer can’t say that. A newer motorcycle attorney won’t know as much about filing paperwork, interviewing potential witnesses, or negotiating a settlement on your behalf, which are just a few of the key things that can help your case.

A less experienced motorcycle accident attorney may also lack the instinct that is at the heart of every motorcycle accident case. That instinct means knowing more than just what the law says and being extra-aware of the right timing and communication for your case.


4. Success

Experience is one thing, success is quite another. Many motorcycle accident lawyers have experience, but they may not have the successful track record you need. Or, they may have won a few cases, but their success is inconsistent and unreliable.

There is an old saying: “Past behavior is the best indicator of future performance.” If the prospective motorcycle accident attorney you are considering has won some cases, but not enough and not enough in recent years, you may be seeing a window into the future of your case.

If, on the other hand, you are considering a motorcycle law firm or motorcycle accident attorney who can document a lengthy and successful track record of winning cases for clients, you are probably putting yourself in more capable hands.

5. Riders

As you know, riding a motorcycle is a special experience. The freedom of movement afforded by riding is matched by the stunning visual stimulation of seeing everything as you ride, unlike in a car where vision is limited by the frame.

Riders know this. They also know about performance and safety and how to avoid accidents or what to do if you are involved in one. When your motorcycle accident lawyer is also a rider, you are getting the best of both worlds.

Motorcycle lawyers who are riders know the rules of the road and can have a far better understanding of the circumstances of your case. This will make a difference if, for example, the insurance company tries to claim that the accident was your fault when it wasn’t, or tries to limit the size of your settlement based on details of the accident.

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