Understanding Motorcycle Safety Helps Save Lives
Okay so we all know motorcycles can be dangerous. Maybe that is part of the allure  – regardless, recent stats show on average over 2000 people are killed in motorcycle crashes each year in the United States. An an obvious fact but one I will point out anyway – is that motorcyclists are more likely to die in a crash than those in automobile crashes. We are not protected by four metal or plastic walls.
The Russbrown.com staff continually post valuable information and news to help you and your loved ones stay safe while on the roads and protect yourselves from the physical, emotional, and financial struggles that motorcycle accidents can cause. With this information, you will be able to make better choices when insuring, equipping, and riding your motorcycle.
Taking a riding course is one of the best things you can do for your motorcycle riding life. And don’t just take one. There is nothing wrong with taking courses every couple of years to bone up on your riding skills.
5 Tips For Riding Safely
1. Stay out of the Blind Spots on Cars and Trucks
 – you are smaller than they are – be seen.
2. Make your brake lights visible when you are slowing and stopping
3. Wear Protective clothing – can’t say that enough.
4. Be cautious and calm – give yourself time to react to other drivers.
5. Make sure other drivers can see you.
Source: Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)

Always Remember:
Give yourself space. People driving cars often just don’t see motorcycles. Even when drivers do see you, chances are they’ve never been on a motorcycle and can’t properly judge your speed.
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