What Are Your Rights as a Motorcycle Accident VictimA motorcycle accident can change your life forever. Whether you are or a loved one is injured, a serious motorcycle accident can be the catalyst for many years of pain, financial stress, and heartache. Motorcycle accidents that cause traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, complicated debilitating injuries, or death are by far the most devastating examples of the split-second negligence by another motorist.
The U.S. legal system is set up to protect the victims of motorcycle accidents who have been injured by the actions of others. However, in order for an motorcycle accident victim to take full advantage of the current personal injury laws in place, retaining the services of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer would be a prudent choice.
Every motorcycle accident is unique and that is why hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is important to fully protect your rights will ensure you insurance claim is filed with evidence and the supporting facts of you motorcycle accident presented in the best possible light to the at fault party’s insurance company, making it impossible to refute or deny their insured drivers responsibility.
Many times you will find it is necessary to actually go to court to force an insurance company to settle on your terms, and while most insurance companies will cringe at the realization of having the merits of their case reviewed by a judge or a legal mediator, all of them will not gamble with their shareholders assets when they know they will lose.
Some of your basic rights as a motorcycle accident victim include:

  • Medical care for motorcycle accident injuries
  • A thorough medical evaluation by doctors who specialize in motorcycle accident injuries
  • Ongoing care for disabilities
  • Compensation for medical bills and damage to your motorcycle
  • Reimbursement of lost pay and lost earning capacity
  • Damages paid for pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and wrongful death

The most complicated part of any motorcycle accident claim is compiling all of the evidence and supporting facts of your case and then presenting this information to the insurance claim adjuster. The claims adjuster is the at fault party’s go to guy with ongoing motorcycle accident claims against their company, and that is where the power and expertise of a motorcycle accident lawyer come into play.
Insurance adjusters and accident investigators know who the personal injury lawyers are in their local area, and when they have to face an attorney who has a track record for willing large settlements for his clients, they will be more likely to settle quickly on your lawyers terms rather than risk paying more money with a court trial.
Don’t take chances when dealing insurance adjusters after you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. Fight back for rights with an experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyer who knows the law. Call 1-800-4-BIKERS to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer who has been winning millions of dollars for his clients for over 25 years.

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