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Russ Brown Motorcycle Lawyers Los Angeles, CA: Injured California Motorcyclists Suffer As Insurance Claim Payments Fall Short

In a worrisome trend, it seems that the long-running economic crisis has been impacting injured California motorcycle riders as insurance companies already known to be penny-pinchers tighten their purse strings still further. While insurance companies have never been known for generously paying claims, automobile, truck and motorcycle insurance carriers have increasingly been dragging their feet and reducing the amounts they are willing to pay for motorcyclists’ injuries. In some cases, valid claims are even being denied outright.

Yet, the more common danger to injured riders and their families lies in the economic pressure to prematurely settle medical and legal claims—before the circumstances of the motorcycle accident are fully understood and before the family becomes aware of the full implications and future costs of their loved one’s injuries.

California Motorcycle Accidents Create Financial Pressure

All too often, the families of injured motorcyclists face a sudden need for cash, especially since breadwinners are either sidelined themselves or cannot work effectively while distracted by the injuries of other family members. In addition, beyond medical expenses for short-term hospitalization and long-term therapy, California motorcycle wrecks also touch families financially in many other ways. Unforeseen long-term daily expenses may include transportation for frequent hospital and clinic visits, additional childcare needs, special remodeling of the home to accommodate the injured rider’s rehabilitation, special therapy and rehabilitation, and other expenses which can quickly exhaust a family’s financial resources.

When Money Runs Short After a Motorcycle Crash

Overwhelmed by financial pressures, the families of motorcycle accident victims may be too eager to accept quick “lowball” cash settlement offers from insurance companies. Under tight economic conditions, hard-nosed insurance executives may leverage the financial weakness of a family still in shock after an accident. Sadly, the result may be a family left short of money and unable to cover future or even present needs.

California motorcycle accident lawyers have long warned injured motorcyclists and their families that the total lifelong costs of caring for and providing long-term therapy for an injured motorcyclist may be significantly higher than would be estimated by a layperson without experience in assessing the long-term costs associated with motorcycle accidents.

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