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California is a state that’s made for motorcycles. The weather is perfect for them, the landscape is beautiful and the cost of fuel makes these vehicles the transportation choice for thousands of people. Unfortunately, California motorcycle accidents also occur with regularity, and if this has happened to you, there are steps that you can take to find motorcycle injury lawyers who possess the experience and skill necessary to help you through this situation. Below is an overview of California motorcycle accidents and how you can find experienced motorcycle injury lawyers.



California Motorcycle Accidents – Statistics
The number of California motorcycle accidents continues to rise. One look at the number of collisions in recent years should tell anyone that the need for motorcycle injury lawyers is at an all-time high in the state:

2007: 11,370 collisions, 9,488 injuries, 350 deaths
2008: 11,495 collisions, 9,347 injuries, 404 deaths
2009: 12,350 collisions, 10,188 injuries, 433 deaths
2010: 13,656 collisions, 11,172 injuries, 465 deaths
This is not a positive trend, and what it says is that thousands of people every year need the help of experienced motorcycle injury lawyers.

Finding Experienced Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

Given the obvious need for legal help, there are steps that anyone can take in order to find motorcycle injury lawyers with the experience necessary to help those who have been wrongfully harmed. The first step could be to ask other motorcyclists you know who they’ve worked with if they’ve ever needed help from lawyers, as personal referrals are always a strong indicator of an attorney’s capabilities.

If you are unable to secure a referral that you trust, your next step should be to head to the Internet and to search for lawyers in your area. Most modern-thinking motorcycle injury lawyers have Web sites, and these sites will provide you with basic information regarding the type of work the attorneys have done and how long they’ve been helping those harmed in California motorcycle accidents.

When you contact lawyers to schedule what should be a free initial consultation, you need to ask specific questions beyond what you already know from reading about them. For instance, regardless of the number of years these lawyers have been practicing law, you should ask them how many California motorcycle accident cases they’ve handled, how many have settled, how many have gone to trial and how the results have generally worked out.

Beyond those questions, you should also feel comfortable with the attorney, as he or she will be working closely with you as you move towards a resolution of your situation.

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