California Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Very few places in the world are as beautiful and WINDY as the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I, myself, have tried to ride my bicycle once or twice across the Golden Gate Bridge, only to be thwarted by the strong gusts that swirl around the beautiful and illustrious bridge. While the wind that whips through the San Francisco Bay Area may be inconvenient at times, for San Francisco motorcyclists it can be downright dangerous.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, blustery conditions in the San Francisco Bay Area can be unbelievably treacherous for San Francisco motorcyclists. California motorcyclists on all California freeways, including the 205 and I-5, struggle with keeping their bikes upright on windy days. If you are one of those motorcyclists, Lt. John Hohmann, of the Scotts Valley Police Department, has some great advice for you and all San Francisco motorcyclists.

Always position your motorcycle so you can be seen easily by others on the road

Always put yourself in a position to be able to maneuver in an emergency situation

Driving in the slow lane is a good place to ride on windy days

Slow down and ride at a comfortable speed

Lower your center of gravity by leaning forward into the wind

Consider stopping until the wind passes

Be constantly alert and monitor yourself for signs of fatigue

Riding into the wind will take plenty of concentration and counter-steering. This can be particularly exhausting and difficult due to the ever changing wind directions. As such, riding a motorcycle in the wind can be especially exhausting and can lead to catastrophic and often deadly San Francisco motorcycle accidents.

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